Friends, High School Years

Feast Day

It was 8th of September year 2000. Our 3rd year class had its feast day on that because our section’s name is Nativity (Nativity or birth of Mary). It was also on that day that Digos has been declared as a city effective that date. Hence, there were no classes so we’re the only who were in school at that day.

It was one of my most memorable times in high school. I can still remember how we prepared food and arranged our classroom. The most memorable part of that day is when we played “agawan base” (steal the homebase) game at the open grounds of our school. Our class adviser joined us and even played with barefoot. It was so fun! I have never enjoyed a game like that during my elementary years. What made it more fun was the fact that we are free to do anything at that time.

One thing I learned when playing is to not rush into things and always have a strategy mixed with a little bit of spontaneity. And even if you are overpowered, always try to make short, simple goals one step at a time.

I can’t remember who won though, but it really doesn’t matter because the memory of how happy we were on that day will never be forgotten.

Elementary Years, High School Years

Class President

I’ve been an active in taking leadership roles back in elementary and high school. I was the class president from grades 5-6 and 1st year to 3rd year high school. I was the vice-president during my senior year because I was already the battalion commander of our CAT class.

How was my performance as a leader? Definitely, I’m not good at it. I have the passion and eagerness to execute actions but I was never really good at being the class president. I know it’s my weakness back then that’s why I tried my best to improve. I think I’m better at being the second fiddle. One who can assist a leader. For by being the second fiddle, I can assure to myself that I really know what I’m doing.

High School Years, Sick

Fatigue, Astigmatism, Hallucination

When I was still in school, I always make sure that I maintain high grades or high enough based on my standards. So when I get lower grades in a subject for one grading I always bounce back and get a higher grade in the next grading.

It isn’t as simple as it seemed. When I was in junior year of high school, my grade in English lowered by 3 points. I was devastated. Due to my frustration, I studied so hard in all of my subjects especially in English from 6pm-11pm then wake up at 3am to study again. I didn’t eat much during recess in school and so after a couple of days, I got sick. I had fever and a very terrible headache. In fact, it’s my first time to experience a headache. I can’t focus on what I’m doing. I feel nauseous from time to time and I feel dizzy while walking.

I visited the doctor and recommended us to visit an ophthalmologist. Result, I have an astigmatism. The doctor had me wear eyeglasses (my 1st one). After a few days my brain stabilize to some degree but before I got any better, I experience some short moments of hallucination. I sometimes feel itchy or see ants in my bed (it’s quite impossible to have ants since my mom just cleaned my bed and she’s such a clean-freak). And there were other moments that felt too dreamy.

What I learned from my super extra efforts? That I should never stretch myself too much unless I’m also taking care of myself at the same time. After what happened, I realized I needed to be more balanced. And so is my new philosophy, if I want to stay up late and work/study harder, I need to eat and eat and eat. =)

Elementary Years, High School Years

New Year’s Resolution; Christmas Vacation

This post is not about my new year’s resolution nor my Christmas vacation for 2010. With the new year 2011, I just happened to remember elementary and high school where every 1st day of the year in school would always be about writing the new year’s resolution and the Christmas vacation that the students had.

It’s not that I’m complaining about writing but I just thought the our English/Filipino teachers would have made it more exciting, or more refreshing than these classic topics. Like, “How 2010 Christmas Vacation is Different” or “Things I’d Stop Doing in 2011.” Something to that effect so that the students would be encouraged to think deeper.

Well, that’s all about that. Happy new year to everyone! I’m looking forward to posting more memories that I can recall. I’m hoping to reach a target of 50 posts this year. That would sure be quite a challenge.