Farewell Rhenzky

You were the President in one of the freshman classes back in high school.

You were known to be a very good badminton player.

You taught me how to do that head movement trick, where you move the head side by side. It was pretty useful in dancing.

We visited you when you were confined in Digos Doctor’s Hospital back in year 2000.

You suddenly appear in the bleachers during our college orientation. I was delighted to have a classmate that I already know.

You’d almost always sleep in our CS 101 class and I would wake you up by shaking your shoulder.

You would always help me in my surprises for Melay. You have witnessed how our love started. You’ll always be that special buddy for knowing this.

You’ll always be one of the funniest people I’ve ever known.

Rest in peace Dodong Rhenus…



I love remembering or memorizing data composed of numbers. The fondest memory I have related to numerical figures was during my sophomore year in high school. In our history class, our teacher told us that we’ll have a recitation in the coming week. We are required to recite the Asian countries, its capitals and the most ridiculous of them all, the land area of the countries. When I heard about it I was immediately shocked and filled with excitement. I looked at it as a challenge instead of a burden. I never memorized something that many before. Our teacher said that he may only choose the regions of Asia (Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, etc.) for us to recite, but I took the challenge upon myself to memorize all.

I can’t remember how long it took me to memorize all of it but two days is probably the best bet. The recitation lasted for 4 days. I was called on the fourth day so I used up the 3 days for review. I can still remember all the capitals but I can’t remember the land areas except for two, Cyprus (9, 251 sq. km.) and Philippines (300, 000 sq. km.).

When it was finally my turn, I stood up in front of the class. My classmates’ eyes were on me. People stopped whatever they were doing. Then our teacher declared the regions that I’ll recite. It was like a recitation of his own as he said the names of all regions in Asia. I never expected less. I knew that he will always challenge me the first day I met him in class back in my freshman year. I felt so nervous because of excitement. It was like a stage performance. Then I started on the order of regions as they were arranged in the book. The pages flashed one by one in front of me. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced when I was still studying. After I said the last country, my classmates were applauding in jubilation as if saying that it’s a triumph against the teacher’s mind-cracking task. The teacher just smiled.

I somehow miss those days. Even if the information to memorize are senseless it was really fun for me. Now I’m thinking of memorizing those land areas again. This time it will be storing them in my long term memory. Yes, I’m an adik. ^_^