Back in high school, I participated in the badminton games in my freshman and senior years. I didn’t play well during both times. In fact, I am being crushed as if I’m a beginner even though I can hit the shuttlecock fairly well. My racket back then was a Carlton.

Now, I’m playing way better than before. I can run from the back of the court to the front line to return a drop shot and I’m now using a Wilson racket. I can consistently perform jump smashes. I can make a lot of feints and confuse the opponent. The only thing that is missing is a good backhand hit. I can hit it very good but 99% of the time it’s very bad. That’s my target for this year, to improve my backhand.

Myles, Wife

My Wife Showing Her Motherly Love

This one just recently happened.

Me, my wife and the kids were in SM City Davao at that time. My wife’s holding the hand of Myles while we were walking and he was whispering “bumbum” which is what he names a car.Before that day, my wife told me to remind her that she won’t be buying Myles anymore because he just destroys them or throw them at people especially Jan2x. But that moment, like every mother, she gave in to our son’s request and off we go to the toy section of SM department store. We didn’t go to Toy Kingdom because it would be harder to get our son out of there.


Touched by My Mother’s Simple Act of Love

Back in elementary and high school, my mother and I would always fight over what television show to watch from 5pm onwards on weekdays. I’d prefer GMA 7 because of the anime episodes being aired, while Mama would prefer the news and soap operas. And that’s why I was really surprised one Saturday afternoon.

I was in grade 6 at that time and I was in our school’s gym doing our band practice with the rest of the drum & lyre band members. I suddenly saw Mama waiting in one of the entrance gates of the gym. I went to her and noticed the small plastic bag she’s holding. It turns out that the bag contains VHS tapes and one of them is a Dragonball Z movie (the one with Coola as the villain), which wasn’t even released in theaters at that time. She cheerfully told me the story of how she found the tape from Emcor and how she was so delighted to find it.

As simple as it is, it truly touched my heart.

I have a similar story of simple act of love about my wife and our son. But I’ll reserve that in my next post.


How to Make Your Mother Very Mad

2 Ingredients:

– Your mom’s favorite vase

– A basketball

It was the summer of 1996. I was practicing my dribbling skills outside our house. It got really, really hot outside so I went inside to practice. When I did the between the legs dribble, the ball bounced towards the vase of my Mom and fell on the floor. The vase was given to her by my Aunt. She was so mad that she took the ball and tried to stab it with a kitchen knife. Good thing it didn’t have any effect with the ball.


Of Leaving and Saying Goodbye

Having lived in many places for the past 24 years and 5 months of my life, I can say that I’m quite used to leaving people I’ve known for a while. But (and a big but for that) even if I’m used to saying goodbye to people, it doesn’t mean that I’m used to the sadness that comes with it. The loneliness because of the thought that it will be a while before I’ll see those people again or never in my life again at all.

When we left Manila and transferred in Digos City 16 years ago, I was really and deeply sad because I’ll be away from my cousins who I have grown to be with back then. It was frustrating at first because I have no one to play with. As years go by, as the saying goes “everything happens for a reason,” it came true for me as well. There were a lot of things that I achieved and were able to do because of having moved in Digos City. And somehow it overcame the sadness that I felt.

I’m about to start another set of goodbyes because I’ll be leaving to start another chapter of my life. I just hope the job and the “package” will all be worth it.