Elementary Years, High School Years

Class President

I’ve been an active in taking leadership roles back in elementary and high school. I was the class president from grades 5-6 and 1st year to 3rd year high school. I was the vice-president during my senior year because I was already the battalion commander of our CAT class.

How was my performance as a leader? Definitely, I’m not good at it. I have the passion and eagerness to execute actions but I was never really good at being the class president. I know it’s my weakness back then that’s why I tried my best to improve. I think I’m better at being the second fiddle. One who can assist a leader. For by being the second fiddle, I can assure to myself that I really know what I’m doing.

High School Years

Being A Leader

I was told once by my 2nd year high school adviser that there’s only one dimension that I’m not good at. It’s about being a leader. Standing up for the class, making the class work well together to achieve a common goal, etc. I realized that I’m not really the type of leader who can lead a lot of people.

I’m the type who doesn’t know when and how to be angry at people when they mess up on the work assigned to them. I don’t know how to encourage or motivate groups of people but I can fairly motivate enough some few team members. In all honesty, I’m more of a worker, a follower. Someone who’d rather listen for guides or rules and stick to them in achieving certain work than really tell people to follow them.

And I think I can better lead a team when doing something artistic or creative, like plays, drama, “sabayang pagbigkas”, dancing, and even singing (albeit it’s not really my forte). Any group work like that really fires up my passion but being a leader of a class before doesn’t really suit me and I just encourage myself to perform my responsibility to the best of my abilities. If I was given a choice back then, I would have chosen to be the vice-president or something in the lower position just to get away from the top leadership rank.

I think being an assistant to someone in the top is something that I’m better suited for, but nobody can ever know. Neither do I, but I do know that I have been more effective in playing the second fiddle.