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101 Memories and 1st SL in 3 Years

I was able to reach some 40 memories, but I let the pictures do the rest of the talking. =)

On another story, something unusual happened today. My wife greeted me at 5am and I replied greeting her the same. And I don’t know what came to my mind that I also told her that I didn’t sleep yet. Then she told me to take an SL or else I shouldn’t text anymore for the entire week. Lol. So there, SL taken even if I wasn’t that sick. Hehe.


The Impossible

I thought it’s achievable, but now I don’t think I would be able to reach my target (101 in units). I was insane to think that I can do it.

What now… 😦

I guess I just need to keep writing. I’ve already reached 20. 81 more to go. Good luck Mr. Feeling-Like-You-Can-Remember-That-Many. Lol.

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Memorable Conversations of 2011 Christmas Vacation

Here are some memorable conversations during my 2011 Christmas vacation.

While I was teaching Myles on how to write his name.
Me: Dili ingon ana (Hindi ganyan). Ingon ani (Ganito). (It’s not like that. It should be this way)
Myles: Taasa oi (Ang haba naman). (It’s so long). (I wonder who’s to blame =p).

While I was eating chocolate then Jani sit on my lap.
Jani: Unsa imo eat Daddy? (What are you eating Daddy?)
Me: Pan (tinapay). (Bread)
Jani came closer smelling my lips.
Jani: Di man na pan (Hindi yan tinapay). Chocolate man ang smell (amoy chocolate). (The smell is chocolate)
(Oooops. Hahaha!)

Myles playing Need for Speed on my laptop.
Myles: Daddy guba na ang car, lahi na pud. (Daddy the car’s damaged. I want a different one).  (LOL!)

Me and my wife.
Me: ‘Di ba sabi mo sa akin noon sabihan kita kapag nag-cheat ako? (Remember that you told me that if I ever cheat I will tell you about it?)
Melay: Oo. (Yes)
Me: Well… (made a 3-second pause) Wala. (None!)
(She slapped my arms so hard it felt like I was punched with a dumbbell. Hehe. She said she almost had a heart attack.)

Elementary Years

January of 1997 and 1998

January reminds me of Sinulog Sto. Niño Festival. When I was a band (drum & lyre) member in elementary, we would join the parade and the band contest which were held during this time of the year. The first time I attended was during the 5th grade. At that time I was already playing the bass drum (though the bass drum looks bigger than me).  It was fun and really tiring, but it was really fun. Aside from the Sinulog song, we also played other songs in the contest like the theme song of the telenovela Maria Mercedes.

Though we only manage to win 1st runner-up twice in a row (1997 and 1998), it was still something we are proud to have achieved, especially for a band that only has a few members. But what’s important is that we had fun. Good times. =)


Why Ryozen?

I used to have JoEmZ or JoEmZ30 as a username in any account online. Upon reading the manga entitled Prince of Tennis, I switched to Ryozen. It was from the combination of the manga’s main protagonist named Ryoma Echizen. He’s ambidextrous, very skillful, stubborn and the most obvious of all, a short player. At the start of the manga, he was often underestimated because of his height. Little do they know that he’s very good in tennis. He would even play using his right hand in the first few chapters even though he’s left-handed. Small but terrible.

I can relate to Ryoma’s experience. When we transferred in Digos back in the 3rd grade, I was often teased by my classmates for being short. I have no problems with my height, I can’t do pretty much about it and I’m contented with my body, but I got annoyed for being teased many times. The teasing only stopped when the school year ended, after making it to the top of all grade 3 students. Everyone’s amazed. My Dad too (that smile captured in the photo where he put the medal on me says it all). I was happy because I never thought I can achieve something like that.

And by the time we graduated in elementary, I got the title for being small but terrible. =)

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To Be A Father

My goal for 2012 is to be a true father. I don’t really know how to be like one but I’m pretty sure I’m not one just yet. I need to be 10x more patient especially with my son. I don’t want him to grow with fear of me, but it’s pretty hard to teach a child the difference between right and wrong effectively without being too strict or raising a hand. Initiative vs. Guilt stage of a child’s development is not something to be taken for granted because this stage will truly affect the future growth of a child. If I can be more forgiving of other people’s faults, I should be more forgiving of my son’s but I find this part hard because the ideal part of me wants my kid to grow up really good, to understand that one thing is not right from the other. I often forget the part that it’s not the end-result that is important for now but the child’s learning experience because this is what shapes a child’s mind. A child must understand the wrong without fear. He must feel alright even though he did something wrong and that he knows he can still be good the next time around. Indeed, these things are hard for me but I must work hard to be a good father.

On a side note, it’s kinda cute when my daughter would butt in when I scold her brother by saying “ayaw away tuya myles” (she can’t pronounce the ‘k’ sound yet).