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Solo Dancing

During the late ’90s, my stepfather would eagerly request to have me dance during their Christmas party at work. He was working as a construction supervisor/architect at the diocese of Mati. Basically, the bishop of Mati was his boss. I was pressured to perform back then. I pulled it off but I felt uneasy while performing because I wanted to perform something original, something that I created. Choreography is not my talent because I learned through the years that I can dance or perform any step but it’s not really easy for me to create steps that I want to perform. Anyway, solo dancing is not really something that I like as I never have tried to practice completely alone at home, how much more if there are people watching. I know it’s weird but that’s just how I feel.

And recently, just yesterday actually, I performed solo again. With all the gained weight over the past year, it was really difficult for me to move though the audience may disagree. It wasn’t my ideal kind of performance as I really want to perform in a group rather than doing it solo, but there’s really no time for me or my office mates to practice or even plan what to present. Nonetheless, I’d take the win anytime of the day so in the end it was still good.

After yesterday’s performance, the only thing I can think of was that I miss dancing so much and that I would always love it.

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When Struggles Pay Off

This was the post that I was supposed to publish last week.


Just a week ago, I had internal struggles. Now, I’m inspired more than ever. What I’m referring here is about the dance number that we’ll be performing for the company’s summer outing. I barely had any choreography just a week ago. In fact, I was already planning to back out of the number. The only thing that kept me going was that there were no other dance numbers during the night program and seeing that there were interested people who attended the 1st practice.

It wasn’t like me to give up or even get tired of dancing. It’s the number one on the list when I would describe myself. Probably, I just got tired of waiting for the time to be with my family since I just got back from home.


Now that the outing’s over, all I can say is that it was all worth it. Personally, I love the choreography that I did. It was the first time that it had a lot of original steps and it’s also the first time that I was able to put into steps what I have imagined though there were still some steps that were taken from the tons of videos that I’ve watched. I also heard from one of my fellow dancers that the people from her team loved it. ^_^ After all that’s what entertainment is about, to let people enjoy and love what you did, but in order to do that one must first seek to love his piece before others can love it.


Same thoughts

I found this old post in my old blog that contains similar thoughts to my recent post Let’s Dance. It’s good to know that my thoughts now are almost the same as before.


Posted on April 2, 2008

Life is like dancing. The different stages/trials that we face are the genres like pop, hiphop/street, tango, swing, boogie, folk, etc. We must keep up with what life can present to us just as we have specific dance steps and tempo for these different genres. We must have a flexible attitude if we want to get through life just like a dancer who must have a flexible body if he wants to dance various genres. We can’t succeed all the time because our attitudes can’t accommodate all unexpected situations like a hiphop dancer who can’t do broadway or folk dance.

However, there are also circumstances that can get us through it all if we only have the guts, and these are those moments that we are able to push through our limits just like a dancer who keeps on slipping or missing a step during practice and was able to pull it off during the performance. Like learning a dance, we must prepare the steps and follow it if we want to accomplish a goal in life. There are times that the steps need to be changed or adjusted. There are also times when we need to change a goal, in order to pursue a higher level or because circumstances doesn’t allow us to do so. It’s similar to a dancer who needs to change the song because the theme for the program suddenly changes and it doesn’t fit what he chose before.

In dancing, the dancer must enjoy the music, feel the fluidity of the body’s movement, utilize the adrenaline rush, and inspire the audience because this is what dancing is all about. In life, we must enjoy each day of it, even if it is filled with unfortunate events. We must experience the growth and progress of ourselves especially in pursuit of our goals. Lastly, we must exert all our effort, defy all odds, push ourselves beyond our limits because our audience is God.



Dancer != Choreographer

A good dancer doesn’t automatically imply that he/she is also a good choreographer. Some people dance really well but are having a hard time making their own steps much less finishing a choreography for one whole song. I’m one of those people but the only difference is that I strive really, really hard to finish whatever I’ve started.

The difficult part for me is not the lack of steps (except if I want really new and unique ones) but it’s more of balancing the difficulty of the steps I choreograph. I cannot just create steps that ¬†only I can perform. I’d prefer group dancing over solo dance numbers. That’s how dancing should be done. Also, when I choreograph steps, I tend to lose myself by imagining, visualizing myself doing the steps (since most of the time I choreograph is at home with no space to dance). Maybe this is also a factor because remembering everything through your head is time consuming and a bit stressful.

I’m wishing that someday I’d be able to choreograph a dance for a song that I really love and that I’d be able to perform it in front of the people I love. I’ll call it “The Final Vow” or “The Last Dance”. Lol.

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I never had any childhood experience that triggered my competitiveness of today. I don’t have any siblings that I can compare my grades with and I didn’t get jealous even when my cousin I’m living with got 1st honor in kinder and grade 1. It probably started after moving to Digos when I was in grade 3. I have an inconsistent record since kinder I but grade 3 was different. I discovered how strong my memory and association skills are. Getting the top of the class honor at that point made me become more aggressive with my studies. Never letting any single subject have grades lower than 90. That’s what preoccupied my mind back then, but now I realized being competitive is not something I did just to prove that I can do something and be the best among others. It’s something that motivates me to give my best especially when you get to the point that you know there are others way better than you. I love to compete because it’s fun.

If there’s one thing that I won’t compete with others, it would be with dancing. I dance not to impress or to show how good I am at dancing. I dance because I enjoy it. I love to make my body move. And most of all, I love to make people happy with it.

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Most Unforgettable Dance Performance

Michael Jackson’s out of this world, heaven-sent talent has influenced my love for dancing throughout the years. I have performed some of his songs in contests and intermission numbers in school. My most unforgettable performance would be the one back during the senior year in high school.

Cor Jesu College High School department, one of the schools in Digos City, is celebrating its foundation anniversary on that month of February 2002. We were invited to join the dance competition which is open for all Catholic schools within Davao del Sur. We were the last performers (I think there were 9 contestants) that afternoon. I can still remember the excitement and nervousness that I felt when we entered the gym. The performance wasn’t held on stage because it was too small so we just used the space in front of the stage (basketball’s half court).

The atmosphere was really awesome and it was like a feeling that you have when you’re performing in a concert. It was the first and only time that I felt so excited that much to dance. We performed MJ’s Dangerous concert version, which he performed in his Dangerous concert in 1996 or 1997. We used the same costume that MJ wore on that concert, coat with white band on the left arm, fedora hat (though we used buri hat and painted it black) and white long sleeves with black necktie. We also have a stick as a props. We used that stick in the finale. It was a really, really cool performance. The audience loved it and that’s what made it even cooler.

We won 1st place but it’s just an icing on a cake. Providing the audience with so much joy and entertainment was more than enough to make the weeks of tiresome and late night practices all worth it.

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Most Embarrassing Moment/Performance on Stage

It was during my sophomore year in Holy Cross Academy of Digos that it happened. It was one of those culminating programs of a school event like English Month or Math and Science Month. I can’t remember what the program was about but it’s definitely not Linggo ng Wika.

There were four of us who volunteered to dance for an intermission number. We were wearing plain white shirts, khaki pants and the culprit of it all, strapped sandals matched white socks. The music for that number is If I Let You Go by Westlife. I didn’t know that the stage’s floor is slippery until we were preparing to dance. I was hoping that I can finish the dance without missing any step, but lo and behold, halfway through the song while stepping to my right I slid and fell on my side. I quickly stood up and showed a big smile on my face but it’s impossible not to get noticed. Our classmates who were cheering for us from the back of the audience started laughing while still cheering for us.

What makes it really embarrassing for me is that it’s my first dance performance in high school and I was trying to give a good first impression. It would have been less shameful if it happened in my 2nd or 3rd performance. I don’t feel awful about it though. In fact, I would always laugh to myself whenever I remember it. And after that day, I have never slide in any performance ever again.