Dancing, High School Years

Most Embarrassing Moment/Performance on Stage

It was during my sophomore year in Holy Cross Academy of Digos that it happened. It was one of those culminating programs of a school event like English Month or Math and Science Month. I can’t remember what the program was about but it’s definitely not Linggo ng Wika.

There were four of us who volunteered to dance for an intermission number. We were wearing plain white shirts, khaki pants and the culprit of it all, strapped sandals matched white socks. The music for that number is If I Let You Go by Westlife. I didn’t know that the stage’s floor is slippery until we were preparing to dance. I was hoping that I can finish the dance without missing any step, but lo and behold, halfway through the song while stepping to my right I slid and fell on my side. I quickly stood up and showed a big smile on my face but it’s impossible not to get noticed. Our classmates who were cheering for us from the back of the audience started laughing while still cheering for us.

What makes it really embarrassing for me is that it’s my first dance performance in high school and I was trying to give a good first impression. It would have been less shameful if it happened in my 2nd or 3rd performance. I don’t feel awful about it though. In fact, I would always laugh to myself whenever I remember it. And after that day, I have never slide in any performance ever again.