Elementary Years, High School Years

New Year’s Resolution; Christmas Vacation

This post is not about my new year’s resolution nor my Christmas vacation for 2010. With the new year 2011, I just happened to remember elementary and high school where every 1st day of the year in school would always be about writing the new year’s resolution and the Christmas vacation that the students had.

It’s not that I’m complaining about writing but I just thought the our English/Filipino teachers would have made it more exciting, or more refreshing than these classic topics. Like, “How 2010 Christmas Vacation is Different” or “Things I’d Stop Doing in 2011.” Something to that effect so that the students would be encouraged to think deeper.

Well, that’s all about that. Happy new year to everyone! I’m looking forward to posting more memories that I can recall. I’m hoping to reach a target of 50 posts this year. That would sure be quite a challenge.