Healthy Lifestyle

It’s been a month since my wife and I have started following a weight loss program in Herbalife. I now avoid pork and beef. I only eat seafood, chicken, boiled egg, nuts, and vegetables. I only eat dark chocolate once in a while. I do workouts in the morning in the nutrition club and drink lots of water.

After a month, my weight has gone down from 74.9kgs to 69.75 kgs. I think I’ll be able to reach my ideal weight of 67kgs in a couple of weeks (hopefully). My big belly has shrunk and lots of clothes fit again. I feel light and I can now jump like I did 5 years ago. ^_^

I hope my wife and I can keep going at this even after we reach our ideal weight and other vital stats like visceral fat % and muscle mass.



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No Chocolates for Now

After N number of years I finally  went to the doctor to consult about my headache. I was prescribed to take 5 tables daily for 5 days. Sadly, I was advised not to eat chocolate or drink caffeinated drinks as these may trigger headaches/migraine.

Two of the side effects of one of the tables are dizziness and some shaking. No wonder I felt like I haven’t eaten for hours because my hand was shaking a little when I eat during meals.

I’ll be back on Monday if there was no improvement and I’ll be advised to take another set of medicine. If that still doesn’t make things better then I’ll have to undergo CT scan (yikes!). My head doesn’t ache that much for the past 3 days but I think if I ever stop the medication, the headache will just come back.

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Injury-attracting Finger

14 years ago my left index finger was injured during a 1-on-1 basketball game. It was stepped on by my opponent, got hit by the ball and directly hit the pavement all at the same time. It got crooked and I immediately pulled it. A few years back before that it also got injured by having the fingernail hit by the bathroom door.

Last Friday, it got injured again. This time it was through the most stupid thing one can ever imagine. I was getting out of the cab and was holding my bags then I closed the door. I realized that I can’t seem to move my hand thinking that it was my bag that got stuck. I was so wrong and to my horror it was my finger! I want to blame it on moving too fast, doing too many things at the same time or coordination problems of my left and right hands, but no. It was all on me. I can’t believe such a thing was possible until it happened to me. I don’t want to describe how painful or how it looks like right now but I’m pretty sure it’s a big lesson for me.


Medical History

Poisoned – 1 year old (half of my body was paralyzed)

Bumps on the head – 1 year old

Acute Bronchitis – first occurrence during toddler years

Kidney problem – grade 6

Tonsillitis – grade 6

Astigmatism – 3rd year high school

Sinusitis – 2nd year college

The first one is definitely the worst in this list. I do hope that this list won’t be updated until I reach 60’s or 70’s.


Tooth Extraction

I’ve had so many tooth extractions that I got tired counting how many times I had it. We were still living in Novaliches when I had my first ever visit to the dentist and first time I had a tooth extracted. The clinic was so white and I can remember how painful the injection of the anesthesia was. I can remember Tita Gina promising to buy me an ice cream after the visit and she sure did keep the promise. I didn’t know back then that it was helpful in the recovery of the gums. And boy how happy I was to know that because I love to eat ice cream. Hehehe.

Ever since



I once had this theory in high school and college that I only get sick once every two years. And when I say sick, is a sickness that will really force me to miss school. In high school, I was only absent for 3 consecutive days because of astigmatism. In college, I never had an absent but there will still 1-2 times that I had fever. Overall, I still think that I’m healthy back then.

If you ask me now, I’m not really sure. I think I’m fit enough since I’m still athletic but my feet can easily wear out from walking. I can still walk for hours but they would hurt like hell afterwards during the night. I love fruits and would eat them for dinner if there are plenty of them. And I rarely drink softdrinks. I don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol regularly (the last time I drank was December 2009).

I do wish that I can still dance when I get old. Now that’s a real sign if I really lived a healthy lifestyle. Hehe.