A Year of Working in Davao

When I started working 7 years ago, I didn’t imagine, even in my dreams, of working here in Davao City. The city where I spent 4 years of my college life. The city with one of the lowest crime rates all over the world. The city where the sky isn’t lighted during Christmas or New Year due to the fireworks/firecrackers ban.

So how was the first year of working here? It was exciting and challenging. I had a business trip to the US and met a lot of people who are just so freaking good at their jobs. The work in itself is the most challenging that I ever had in .Net. A couple of times I found myself being frustrated at not being able to make things work or that I didn’t do things the way my colleagues in the US are expecting it. I’m surely learning a lot but the process for me is slow and most of the time frustrating to say the least in my point of view. Overall, I still have so much to learn in both the technical and functional side of the company’s systems and applications.

In other non-work-related stuff, there’s really nothing much to complain. The flood is at an ankle-high level in our street but that’s nothing compared to the floods in Manila. It doesn’t flood here before so hopefully the local government can find a way to fix the problem.

The people here in the office have mixed personalities, literally, but I still enjoy their company nonetheless.