There are a couple of things that I love to do, but there are four that would really stand out.


I have started loving beats, drum beats to be specific, when we transferred in Digos City. From time to time I would create my own beats on any surface that I can get hold of while also tapping my feet at the same time. I really feel good doing it even when there’s no music. That unexplainable, overwhelming joy is really awesome. Someday, I will really take some formal lessons playing the drum set.


The first and undoubtedly my widely used talent that no one would disagree. I think my love for drumming stemmed out from this passion. After all, they’re interrelated. There’s still some things I can improve in my dancing skills but how I wish I have a place/room big enough to dance so I can practice what’s on my mind. I’m not really much of a choreographer but who knows how much I can improve myself if I have a small studio where I can practice.


I realized this when I was in high school. During that time, I was fond of attending mass everyday before going to school and when I listen to the priest’s homily, I would be mesmerized and create my own reflection afterwards. I would also share my own insights in the prayer meetings of our prayer group. Often times I would find myself discovering things that I never knew before which I would gladly share in the group.


I also discovered this passion in high school. I can still remember the first time I served as a reader. It was really nerve-wracking. I can see my school ID moving because of my heart’s loud beat because of nervousness. Little did I know it was the start of 4 years of serving as a reader in our school’s liturgical club. I would read the scriptures with all feelings and I would make eye contact to the people attending the mass. Because of that, I received one of the most wonderful praises in my entire life from a priest, “ang galing mo naman magbasa.” It happened during a Wednesday novena mass on which I read the 1st reading and responsorial psalm, which is quite rare since we’re normally tasked to do only one reading.

Except for dancing, I haven’t done any of these since time immemorial, but in the future I would love to do them all again at least once.


Of Leaving and Saying Goodbye

Having lived in many places for the past 24 years and 5 months of my life, I can say that I’m quite used to leaving people I’ve known for a while. But (and a big but for that) even if I’m used to saying goodbye to people, it doesn’t mean that I’m used to the sadness that comes with it. The loneliness because of the thought that it will be a while before I’ll see those people again or never in my life again at all.

When we left Manila and transferred in Digos City 16 years ago, I was really and deeply sad because I’ll be away from my cousins who I have grown to be with back then. It was frustrating at first because I have no one to play with. As years go by, as the saying goes “everything happens for a reason,” it came true for me as well. There were a lot of things that I achieved and were able to do because of having moved in Digos City. And somehow it overcame the sadness that I felt.

I’m about to start another set of goodbyes because I’ll be leaving to start another chapter of my life. I just hope the job and the “package” will all be worth it.


A Near-Death Experience While Biking

I was biking along Lapu-Lapu St. in Digos City. Since I’ll be turning left on the next block I planned to switch to the other side of the road in advance so I won’t get stuck waiting for traffic to subside in the crossing. I was looking behind to see if there’s a vehicle, especially a bus, is closed by. I didn’t notice that I have already started turning my bike and was already halfway in the next lane. All of a sudden I felt a speeding motorcycle passed by almost running over me. I was so scared and the driver even shouted and cursed at me for not being careful. I went on my way with my heart beating so fast and my sweat so cold.

It’s still one of the scariest experiences to date.