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Me, Myles and Jani

Me and the kids testing my laptop’s webcam. This was supposed to be only 1 or 2 pictures where three of us would smile but┬áJani apparently has something else in mind. And so we have to repeat it a few more times. Obviously, Jani doesn’t want to comply. Still we had fun. =)

Myles, Wife

My Wife Showing Her Motherly Love

This one just recently happened.

Me, my wife and the kids were in SM City Davao at that time. My wife’s holding the hand of Myles while we were walking and he was whispering “bumbum” which is what he names a car.Before that day, my wife told me to remind her that she won’t be buying Myles anymore because he just destroys them or throw them at people especially Jan2x. But that moment, like every mother, she gave in to our son’s request and off we go to the toy section of SM department store. We didn’t go to Toy Kingdom because it would be harder to get our son out of there.