My ambitions have changed since my younger years. Up to now I still love that ambition to be a scientist. My love for science never stops.


1. Scientist

2. Doctor

3. Computer Professional


High School:

1. Programmer

2. Engineer

3. Priest



1. Software Developer


Now that I’m already a professional I still have other ambitions if money is not an issue.

1. DJ-ing or music mixing (David Guetta-like job)

2. Drummer

3. Professional dancer

4. College professor


Brain Overload

My brain’s starting to feel the overload for thinking too much of creative ideas for the dance and the video. If only my brain can handle much pressure and more. And too bad the badminton today was cut short because of the electricity blackout.¬†¬†Hopefully, things will turn out alright in all these.




High School Years, Work

Just Like High School

November 2011 is proving to be a busy month. Dance practices left and right (I don’t even know how I’m gonna manage this one), mixed the dance music for the contest, video editing (which will be done in 2 days) and then the usual part-time jobs. It’s a good thing that we’re just doing bug-fixing in our current work schedule. This reminds me of my high school days. Club meetings, Talumpati contest, Sabayang Pagbigkas practice, 1st reader for the Wednesday mass, school paper writer, etc. I loved it back then even when I still had to do assignments and projects when I get home. Right now, I’d prefer quality over quantity on my extra-curricular work. Good thing I was removed as one of the hosts for the year-end party this year.

I wonder if my kids will be as “bibo” as their Daddy.