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New Responsibility

It’s going to be a nerve-wracking yet exciting April. First of all, my son’s turning 7. My ultimate badminton and frisbee playmate is big enough to give me small challenges both in sports and fatherhood. I only wish the best for him and I hope we can get along more often, not just in games. =)

I’ll be taking on a new role at work starting next month. I never thought I’d still be getting it but everything has already been laid down and transition has already started. It’s definitely a big step towards something that I really didn’t envision before due to my technical/technological interests. I don’t know how much preparation I can make but no matter what happens, I’ll just be mentally ready.

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A New Excitement

The month of May is about to end. A couple of years ago knowing this fact is such a pleasure for me because it only means one thing – classes are about to start. Now, the excitement is on my children’s start of school year! Myles will be on grade 1 while Jani will be on kinder 1. I’m looking forward to the days where my wife and I will help them with school work, listen to stories on what they did at school and watching them perform extra-curricular activities. Heck, if the four of us can get a chance to dance on stage together I will surely not back down. =)

I know that as they advance through each level it would just get more interesting. I’ll be curious on what subjects they would like or what courses they would  take (I know I’m getting way ahead of myself). Everything about their future is something far above and beyond of everything I have looked forward to. No matter what lies ahead  we will surely be there for them every step of the way.

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Energy to The nth Level

My stepfather and I did a lot of things together ever since we met. We played video games from consoles like neo-geo, sega saturn, playstation 1, SNES, etc. We also biked and played basketball a lot and we do it to the extreme, but it’s more because of my request. We would play 1-on-1 in basketball by reaching scores from 1 to 50 or 1-100, both with only a 1-point score for each basket. I would request for us to bike several kilometers away from home that would let us bike not less than 4 hours. I have so much energy and stamina back then that I had no idea that it was pretty tiring.

Yesterday, I was playing badminton with my son. I’m happy to see him play enthusiastically and more so to my delight that we can have a rally good for 3 returns. Sometimes he would hit the shuttlecock too far or too high for me to reach, which is a great improvement from when we started playing a couple months back. We probably played for 3-4 hours and I think that’s too long for a 5-year old kid. He didn’t get to sleep that whole afternoon that’s why his eyes were already half-opened. I was the one who asked to stop playing to which he immediately objects. It’s not because I can’t play anymore (and I’m not being defensive =p), in fact, I still wanted to go on and teach him some proper strokes but I wanted him to take a rest.

I miss those days that I play with my stepfather but it’s a good thing that my son shares the same amount energy as I do for I can look forward for the days that we can play (and dance) together. I just need to stay healthy so I can keep up with him. =)

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Easter 2012 and Myles’ 5th Birthday

My last vacation was so fun that my mind is playing the memories in an almost infinite loop. I just can’t describe how happy I am so I’ll just have these pictures do it for me.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the beach.

Myles and Janie - Beach Lovers!
Janie loving the beach the most. At home, she would randomly say "Daddy ligo tayo beach."
Ate Mylyn(Sis-in-law), Ira, Kuya Melvin(Bro-in-law), Janie, Ian, Myles and Me.

We had an overnight stay in Davao to celebrate Myles Birthday. We went to Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle Center and People’s Park on the 1st day. The following day we went to SM, where we had our first family studio pic (pictures to follow) and the kids playing at Zoofari (their favorite playground).

At the hotel. Janie teaching me how to wear eyeglasses, the right way.
Then the goofy way.
Mr. and Mrs. Bacus
Guinea pig watch
Horse watch. The horse was camera shy. Hehe.
Butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary
Melay and the kids.
Me and the kids at the swing
Looking at the revered Philippine Eagle named Pag-Asa
Looking at the rest of the birds.
The noisiest bird in the center.
Philippine Deer
Not sure if these monkeys are the food for the Philippine Eagles (previously called Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagles)
They're finally not scared of taking pictures with these statues.
Myles smiling. 2 years ago he wouldn't even dare go near these things. Now he climbs on them. Hehe.
Janie: Let's go!
Kids would really find these statues scary at first.
Myles blowing his first cake of the day. Janie tried to blow as well. Hehe.
At Zoofari.
Still swinging
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I’m so excited to go home that I already want to pack my things up, but I can’t because 1) My clothes would get too wrinkled by the time I get home; 2) I still have some clothes from the laundry shop that I’ll be bringing. I think the reason why I’m so excited is because I can talk more sensible things to my kids than before.

And another reason is that for my first day there, I’ll be watching over them alone. My wife will be going out with her dormmates and my mom will be staying in Davao for a week. It’s the first time for me to be alone with them and I’m looking forward to a lot of things that we’ll be doing. This includes, but not limited to, playing the lego blocks, clay, drawing, coloring and then the puzzles. I can’t wait to see Jan2x play the 49-piece puzzle that Chubbs gave (thanks Chubbs!). If she can solve it, I’ll probably buy her a 100-piece puzzle during the year. Then who knows by the age of 7 or 8 she can already solve a 1000-piece one. Lol.

I went to divisoria today to buy for some clothes for my wife and kids. I just hope everything I bought would fit them. Especially those for Myles because he has a big head. We often have a hard time when he changes his clothes.

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Memorable Conversations of 2011 Christmas Vacation

Here are some memorable conversations during my 2011 Christmas vacation.

While I was teaching Myles on how to write his name.
Me: Dili ingon ana (Hindi ganyan). Ingon ani (Ganito). (It’s not like that. It should be this way)
Myles: Taasa oi (Ang haba naman). (It’s so long). (I wonder who’s to blame =p).

While I was eating chocolate then Jani sit on my lap.
Jani: Unsa imo eat Daddy? (What are you eating Daddy?)
Me: Pan (tinapay). (Bread)
Jani came closer smelling my lips.
Jani: Di man na pan (Hindi yan tinapay). Chocolate man ang smell (amoy chocolate). (The smell is chocolate)
(Oooops. Hahaha!)

Myles playing Need for Speed on my laptop.
Myles: Daddy guba na ang car, lahi na pud. (Daddy the car’s damaged. I want a different one).  (LOL!)

Me and my wife.
Me: ‘Di ba sabi mo sa akin noon sabihan kita kapag nag-cheat ako? (Remember that you told me that if I ever cheat I will tell you about it?)
Melay: Oo. (Yes)
Me: Well… (made a 3-second pause) Wala. (None!)
(She slapped my arms so hard it felt like I was punched with a dumbbell. Hehe. She said she almost had a heart attack.)

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To Be A Father

My goal for 2012 is to be a true father. I don’t really know how to be like one but I’m pretty sure I’m not one just yet. I need to be 10x more patient especially with my son. I don’t want him to grow with fear of me, but it’s pretty hard to teach a child the difference between right and wrong effectively without being too strict or raising a hand. Initiative vs. Guilt stage of a child’s development is not something to be taken for granted because this stage will truly affect the future growth of a child. If I can be more forgiving of other people’s faults, I should be more forgiving of my son’s but I find this part hard because the ideal part of me wants my kid to grow up really good, to understand that one thing is not right from the other. I often forget the part that it’s not the end-result that is important for now but the child’s learning experience because this is what shapes a child’s mind. A child must understand the wrong without fear. He must feel alright even though he did something wrong and that he knows he can still be good the next time around. Indeed, these things are hard for me but I must work hard to be a good father.

On a side note, it’s kinda cute when my daughter would butt in when I scold her brother by saying “ayaw away tuya myles” (she can’t pronounce the ‘k’ sound yet).