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Focusing on One Job

With my recent headache bouts, I have decided that I will stop working on a part-time job. Surprisingly, it’s the part-time job that I’m going full-time with and leaving the current full-time one because I feel less stressful with the latter. I also don’t like being micro-managed by getting asked about my work almost every hour every time I work.

I can now finally start doing other things like the following:

  • Learn Unity game development (focusing on mobile games)
  • Finish the video workshops on photography by John Greengo
  • Start writing about a couple of stories that I thought of before
  • Talk and play more with the kids
  • Help them in their studies (though my wife and their tutors are already more than enough)
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Exploring Other Options

Since having a sideline that is still related to software or web development is taking a toll on my brain, I’m trying to think of alternative sources of income. I’ve decided to only focus with my full-time job (whichever it is that I will choose in the next 2 months) starting January 2017.

Some options that I can think of:

  • Blogging
    • PC games
    • An on-going story sort of like a web comic (with no illustration as I don’t know how to draw) released weekly
  • Mobile game
    • Learn how to develop games using the Unity platform
  • Affiliate marketing
    • I have no idea what I want to market though

Other than these I can’t think of anything else.