What Lies Ahead

At this point of my life I’m wondering what I’ll be doing in the future. Will I be a developer forever? Will I have my own business? Will I develop an app that I can publish in the mobile app stores? Right now, I’m far from making any of these a reality. I’ve just started web development 8 months ago and I just started learning mobile development through Swift (an iOS programming language). I don’t even have any idea on what app I want to make. It’s the same with starting a business, my mind is as clear as a white bond paper.

This is what so hard and challenging when you become an adult. When I was still studying I only care about getting the highest grades that I can get. With adulthood, you make your own road map. You make your own curriculum to follow and what’s more? You’re not even sure what curriculum to write. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s right until you’re in the middle of it.

Despite of this, I can still manage to smile and tell myself that it’s going to be fun no matter what lies ahead.