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WFH Benefits

One of the benefits of working from home, to be more precised, of having a home-based job that doesn’t have a fixed work schedule or at least the bulk of the work schedule is at night is that I can find some free time in the morning. My mornings are usually free unless I need to do a deployment to production or if it’s Thursday (I play basketball in the evening so need to work as much during the day) and so I can do errands, which usually deal with driving for my wife if she needs to buy things for the kids or to just do grocery. And if there’s nothing to buy we can just eat snack in our favorite cafe or restaurants. It’s like having a date everyday.

Another benefit with my schedule is that I can now adjust the pace of my work to my own liking. Unlike before when I still have a part-time work, I can now take short breaks. Gone are the days where I just face my monitors for 5-6 hours straight without leaving my desk. It’s such a big help especially in lightening up my brain’s load.

Since I now have more free time, I can now also play with my godson, who’s my wife’s nephew who lives across the house. It feels so good to play with a 1-year old, totally refreshing. Too bad he doesn’t have kids to play with as his siblings and my children are in school during the day.

There are other benefits with my work setup but I think these things are the ones that I love the most.


20th Death Anniversary

It’s when I’m exhausted that I get to express my thoughts more and that’s why I’m writing this now while I still have some energy.

20 years. It’s been that long since I lost my father. I don’t cry anymore when I remember him. I just reminisce with a smile all the few good times that we had. I really didn’t get to know him that much. We didn’t get along so well either, but I know that he’s a good man. A goofy yet strict person but absolutely a man with a good heart as all his siblings and relatives told me.

Too bad I’m as strict as he is as a father and I hate it. I hate being so strict with my kids though I’m trying to control it so hopefully I can work things out in that aspect. How I wish he could have given me a sibling or two, but it doesn’t matter anymore now because I have my family to attend to. It’s funny because my kids haven’t noticed that I don’t have any brother or sister. Hmmmm. I guess I can ask them later about it.


Dad, I know how much you love your apos so please watch over them especially when they’re at school. I know you’re proud of them as much as I do.

Sorry if I wasn’t affectionate to you. You probably know that I don’t show much affection to people in person except to my wife. You do know that I care and love you as much.

Sorry if I work too much. Someday I’ll be reducing my work hours but for now and the next couple of years it’ll have to be this much. Please help my body especially my brain endure it. I just need a couple of years. I don’t want to join you there yet, okay? I want to beat your age as well as Papa Boy’s. You must be really so good that God wanted you so badly in heaven that soon.

I miss you Dad and I love you.

PS. Please help me drive safely.

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Buwan ng Wika

“Buwan ng Wika” was my favorite high school activity each school year. I got involved by winning two 2nd places in “Talumpati” (2nd year and 4th year), one 2nd place in “Sabayang Pagbigkas”, which I mentored, and several other contests. I’ve also been an emcee twice (1st year and 3rd year).

Now that my children are in school, I also got to enjoy this same school event. My daughter won 1st place in “Tula,” which both my wife and I were involved during her practices. I won 1st place in the song contest where I sang a Cebuano song.

I can’t wait for next school year’s “Buwan ng Wika.”

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It is finished

Last Good Friday, I had the privilege of delivering the reflection for one of the seven last words. It was my first time to not only speak in a said occasion but also to stand and speak in our local parish. The church organizers provided copies of reflections that we are going to read but we may also deliver our own reflection. However, I didn’t have the luxury of writing my own reflection because it is supposed to be delivered in the Cebuano dialect and I’m not confident with my skills with it. Hence, I just used the reflection given to us.

It was challenging to deliver because of the difficulty in pronouncing some words and I’m not used to reading a speech especially if it’s a reflection. I prefer memorizing a speech so that I can focus on dynamics, actions and eye contact, in other words, the delivery is my priority. Nonetheless, I practiced a few times and ensure that I deliver it as natural as possible without sounding like I’m just reading it.

I delivered the 6th word, “It is finished.” It was helpful that the reflection was something all people can relate to as I didn’t have to struggle on how to emphasize the points. During the delivery, I was adjusting the mic stand as I was saying the first few words. It looked awful but at least I didn’t stutter while I was doing it. I felt like my delivery was smooth though I don’t think that I delivered it the way I imagined it to be. Surprisingly, when all of us were in the car and I was just starting the engine, Mama (my mother-in-law) said that I was so good with the speech. =)

Truly, even when you think that what you give to God isn’t good enough, it is still the best for Him and He will exemplify it so that other people may be inspired through it.

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Tragic Loss

Papa Boy’s Death Anniversary. I still find it hard to accept and to believe that this will happen next year. I feel so devastated but I feel more sad for the people whom he left especially Mama Liling, his wife. I can’t stop my tears whenever I see her looking at his coffin, crying in so much pain during his wake.

It’s a sad coincidence that Papa Boy died in the same fate as Dad – an accident. I still haven’t moved on. I haven’t been reading the Bible for the past two weeks. I just played NBA 2k14 yesterday. I hope I can get back to my usual routine next week. I didn’t know it was this hard. I can’t imagine how my Mom got through it 18 years ago.


A Parent’s Joy

Before I start things off with my work tonight, I’ll just have to let this one out.

I’ve been in high spirits lately due to a lot of reasons but most especially because of what my kids have achieved in the recently concluded school year. I don’t think I was this happy when I achieved similar feats in school. It makes me inspired to work harder even more. I don’t know how I can improve more at work but I believe that as long as I think about my family, I have faith that I can do anything that I want. ^_^

Coincidentally, this recent dose of joy is just what I need as I prepare myself on my new role at work next month. =)


When Your Kids Get Sick

It’s not easy to get sick but I think the hardest part is seeing your children get sick. My wife and I have been through a lot last week that it felt like October already went by. Our son had to be admitted to the hospital for 6 days starting Saturday afternoon  (Oct. 5) while at the same time our daughter was having fever as well. I would watch over our son during daytime while my wife would take over at night. Apparently, my son would prefer my wife’s companionship while he’s sleeping =p. Our daughter recovered around Wednesday and her brother the following day. It was such a relief for both me and my wife. Missing work is needed and I wouldn’t even bother working unless I’ve run out of leaves. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate working anyway while my two kids are sick.

There were times that I felt so restless especially when our son’s fever would come back at night even if his temperature was normal during the day. It’s really true that when something is wrong with your children you’ll feel lost and just wish for those days when they turn your house upside down with their antics and fill it with loud noises that become music to your ears.


Rest in Peace Nanay

I’m still in shock with Nanay’s death. I can’t stop crying whenever I remember all the memories I have with her.

– I was turning 4 or 5 years old then. Me and Nanay went to Quiapo to buy a couple of things. A bike, blanket, some Jollibee Kiddie meal toys and a bunch of other stuffs. I can’t imagine how Nanay was able to carry everything when she already has me to attend to and we were still living in Novaliches back then.

– I remember Nanay getting into a verbal fight with our neighbor at the same house in Novaliches. She was quite aggressive and knows what she wants.

– Nanay would sometimes comb my hair when I was Kinder 1 and Grade 1. It was so painful that I have to stop her or run away from her. She’s the reason why my one-side hairstyle came to be. The amount of gel she puts on my hair would be good for 3-4 guys. LOL!

– Tita Gina and Uncle John bought a land in Mati, Davao Oriental and had a house built there. While it was still being constructed, they lived in the same compound with us in Digos and Nanay was with them as well. Their unit is near the gate. Nanay would sweep the leaves every morning and whenever I pass by on my way to school, she’d give me Php20. Good old days.

– When I graduated in elementary, Nanay gave me a handkerchief as a gift seeing that I always have a handkerchief in my pocket. It’s the one that I love to use the most ever since. It is now faded but I’m still using it.

– Nanay loves to call us her grandchildren various names. Mine’s Momel and Joemella.

– When my cousins and I were still young, she was our protector whenever our mothers would scold us.

– When any of her grandchildren gets a bump on the head, everyone would scram for a one peso coin because she’ll use it to magically remove or reduce the bump’s size. Hahaha!

– Me and my cousins are just so fond of her. We’re always delighted when she’s around.