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Changes and New Life

I’m taking a very quick break from work. The recent change in my life brought a lot of new things. For one, I had to travel every week, which as I expected is something very much okay for me. I also get the priviledge of getting a hug from my daughter each time I come home. I also have more time to do my part-time jobs. I get to play basketball twice a week. And I get to work on my weakness, web development on asp.net.

And as life commands it, we can’t do everything. I haven’t played badminton since July. I don’t have that much reading time. No cell group.

Nonetheless, I’m still welcoming this change in a positive light. And I see the future as nothing but bright.

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TV Pranks

I love reading the manual of appliances and gadgets ever since I was a kid. When I was 9 years old, I read the manual of our TV. It was only a 14″ Panasonic but lo and behold it has a auto-channel switch/timer feature where the TV will switch to the channel automatically on a given date and time set. It was really cool!

On Saturdays, my Dad would watch Magandang Gabi Bayan, which was pretty boring for me then. At the same timeslot, Sailormoon or Yaiba is showing in ABC 5. So I guess you know what I already did. While Dad was away at work, I set the timer to switch to Channel 5 when Sailormoon or Yaiba starts. To my Dad’s surprise upon turning on the TV and switching to ABS-CBN, it has switched to Channel 5 in just a few seconds. He was really shocked so he immediately switched back to Channel 2.

I wonder if he knew it was my own doing. Hehe.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you’re reading this from heaven.