Sudden Changes

Just a month after starting in the new company, changes have already happened. New team, new project, new shift and a new challenge.

I got moved to a new team and had to work in conjunction with Utah’s working hours.┬áThe good thing about this is that I get to have 3 days of weekend because I’m working 10 hrs. a day, 4 days a week (aside from the slight addition of night differential rate).

What’s really exciting about this project is the technical challenge. It’s going to be the hardest that I’ve ever done before. I have no idea how I’ll be able to do it but I surely love to work on this one so I can improve my skills, which I always feel so lacking. I want to move from the guy who can make things work but has no complete idea about it to a guy that can create one of the best designs and solutions.

Aside from this, there’s also an opportunity for me to undergo training in the US. It’s not that important for me since I know there’s a big chance that my visa application will be denied. But I’ll do my best to get a visa anyway.

2012 just keeps getting better as it unfolds to its last quarter. Cheers to us all!

Home, Life

Changes and New Life

I’m taking a very quick break from work. The recent change in my life brought a lot of new things. For one, I had to travel every week, which as I expected is something very much okay for me. I also get the priviledge of getting a hug from my daughter each time I come home. I also have more time to do my part-time jobs. I get to play basketball twice a week. And I get to work on my weakness, web development on

And as life commands it, we can’t do everything. I haven’t played badminton since July. I don’t have that much reading time. No cell group.

Nonetheless, I’m still welcoming this change in a positive light. And I see the future as nothing but bright.