I love interviews. Being interviewed I mean. Well, I love to talk about anything especially when the topic is one of my interests. I think the very first interview that I had was with a guidance counselor back in college. That interview was part of the enrollment process for freshmen. It was a nice interview probably because of it being on a personal level. The interviews that followed were for a job application.

What I like about interviews is not the fact that I can express myself to others. As an only child, I rarely have good conversations even with my mom. What I meant good is equivalent to a free or open topic where I can talk about anything without being judged or criticized. That’s why during interviews I feel that I’m talking and listening to my inner self at the same time. Not just merely answering a question by an interviewer or expounding a solution to a problem. And at times I tend to realize something while doing it. That there are things that I felt which I ignored or just don’t plainly notice.

Interviews just make me excited because I’ll never know what I would eventually learn from my inner self.

College Years, Wife

Don’t Underestimate First Impressions

I can still remember my first impression of my wife when I met her way back during our college orientation. It was the summer of 2002. When I saw her, I immediately introduced myself to her and the first thing that came in my mind was, “naku, baka magkagusto ako sa kanya.” 1 year and 3 months after, she became my girlfriend and we were best friends before that happened. 4 years later we got married in her hometown in Kidapawan.

Looking back, my first impression of her is one of those hunches or instincts that I know deep inside will likely happen but I try to ignore not because I don’t want it to happen but because it’s just too good to be true most of the time. What makes me say this is because when I saw her, time stood still and she really took my breath away. That’s why it pushed me to introduce myself and know her name even though I’m not that really sociable. It’s a good thing that I did it.