Q1 2016

Only 3 weeks is left for the 1st quarter of 2016, it’s darn too fast.

Here’s a summary of what has transpired so far.


  1. Mama (my mother-in-law) turned 60! Yey! She was given a new car by my sister-in-law, which means I get to drive a new car (wohoo!). Then again I have to a couple of accessories, but buying car accessories is fun! So everything’s good. Lol!
  2. Attended Family Day at my kids’ school. We also got a reward as a family :). It was fun even though only a few parents attended.
  3. We’ll be having our 1st family trip outside of Mindanao this Q1 (woohoo!)


  1. Have been working 14-15 hrs a day. Yes, that much. And no, I’m not proud of it because sleeping at 12am-2am everyday is not good for the body.
  2. Have been working on some weekends. A trend that will continue at least for another month.
  3. Learned how to develop a Google Chrome Extension (yay!)
  4. Learned the pains of developing a Google Chrome Extension (but I think I’m through with the toughest hurdles, so yay!)
  5. Still have much to complain with the process on my main work, but who am I to complain with the flexible time and great pay, right? Right?


  1. Finally got my Diablo 3 seasonal character to reach level 70 by just playing on weekends
  2. Won my 1st NBA title in NBA 2k16.
  3. Weight still stuck at 72-74 kgs.
  4. Subscribed to Xamarin in the hopes that I can learn to develop mobile apps and eventually publish one of my own in the Play Store. No iOS apps for now as I don’t have a Mac needed to build an iOS app in Xamarin.