A Parent’s Joy

Before I start things off with my work tonight, I’ll just have to let this one out.

I’ve been in high spirits lately due to a lot of reasons but most especially because of what my kids have achieved in the recently concluded school year. I don’t think I was this happy when I achieved similar feats in school. It makes me inspired to work harder even more. I don’t know how I can improve more at work but I believe that as long as I think about my family, I have faith that I can do anything that I want. ^_^

Coincidentally, this recent dose of joy is just what I need as I prepare myself on my new role at work next month. =)

Myles, Work

New Responsibility

It’s going to be a nerve-wracking yet exciting April. First of all, my son’s turning 7. My ultimate badminton and frisbee playmate is big enough to give me small challenges both in sports and fatherhood. I only wish the best for him and I hope we can get along more often, not just in games. =)

I’ll be taking on a new role at work starting next month. I never thought I’d still be getting it but everything has already been laid down and transition has already started. It’s definitely a big step towards something that I really didn’t envision before due to my technical/technological interests. I don’t know how much preparation I can make but no matter what happens, I’ll just be mentally ready.