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Memory Overkill

I remember my first PC with just 64MB of RAM. It was just enough to run Micorosft Word, CounterStrike, Starcraft: Brood War, Age of Empires II and a couple of encyclopedia applications like Britannica, Encarta and Grolier.

My next PC had 768MB of RAM. My first laptop had 1GB followed by a 4GB upgraded to 8GB. My curren laptop had 16GB and has now been upgraded to 32GB. I know 32GB is an overkill but it can’t be helped when SQL Server would spike the memory usage to 95% (roughly 15GB) when doing a search.

The other day while I was checking the latest specs of Asus gaming laptops, I saw one that can have a maximum of 64GB of memory. Now that’s really a super mega overkill. I can’t imagine what applications can use that much memory unless one opens 10 instances of VS 2015, 10 instances of SSMS and 50 tabs opened in Chrome all at the same time.


20th Death Anniversary

It’s when I’m exhausted that I get to express my thoughts more and that’s why I’m writing this now while I still have some energy.

20 years. It’s been that long since I lost my father. I don’t cry anymore when I remember him. I just reminisce with a smile all the few good times that we had. I really didn’t get to know him that much. We didn’t get along so well either, but I know that he’s a good man. A goofy yet strict person but absolutely a man with a good heart as all his siblings and relatives told me.

Too bad I’m as strict as he is as a father and I hate it. I hate being so strict with my kids though I’m trying to control it so hopefully I can work things out in that aspect. How I wish he could have given me a sibling or two, but it doesn’t matter anymore now because I have my family to attend to. It’s funny because my kids haven’t noticed that I don’t have any brother or sister. Hmmmm. I guess I can ask them later about it.


Dad, I know how much you love your apos so please watch over them especially when they’re at school. I know you’re proud of them as much as I do.

Sorry if I wasn’t affectionate to you. You probably know that I don’t show much affection to people in person except to my wife. You do know that I care and love you as much.

Sorry if I work too much. Someday I’ll be reducing my work hours but for now and the next couple of years it’ll have to be this much. Please help my body especially my brain endure it. I just need a couple of years. I don’t want to join you there yet, okay? I want to beat your age as well as Papa Boy’s. You must be really so good that God wanted you so badly in heaven that soon.

I miss you Dad and I love you.

PS. Please help me drive safely.

Love, Wife

A Decade of Love

This a long overdue post. Approximately delayed by 2 years, 3 months and 15 days. I wasn’t really able to finish this but I’m posting it anyway now.


Having spent 10 years (and counting!) with my ex-girlfriend, now wife, I didn’t just experience love. It’s just the sum of everything that we had but it’s much more than that. So below are the seven ten things of what I learned so far.

1. You don’t have to be right all the time – You don’t have to insist what is right (even if you are truly right) all the time if it will only have a negative effect towards your partner or just cause unreasonable fights. It is just not worth it at all. You don’t have anything to gain but you can lose so much by doing so.

2. Thoughtfulness doesn’t need to be reciprocated – The number one rule of thoughtful people is to not expect anything in return. They do things for their loved ones because of how special they are in their lives. It doesn’t make sense if one expects anything in return for making other people feel they’re special. Their existence is an enough reciprocation.

3. Keep a constant communication – Even with the vast number of communication medium, keeping a constant communication between partners is actually a challenge. The two people must really commit a time to communicate. It may be a hit and miss but never stop trying.

4. Forever is a daily choice – Nothing’s unlimited in this world except change and making choices. There’s nothing magical in a relationship that can stand the test of time and trials. It’s a daily choice. You either sink or swim with each opportunity, positive or not, that comes your way. And such choice is not easy. Sometimes you feel so tired working for it and sometimes you may feel like it’s not really worth it. The truth is everything about your relationship is really up to the two of you. There are no shortcuts, no magic. You can feel so blessed when you look back and see how much the two of you have been through.

5. Small things count – The small things you do for each other will go a long way through your married life. These are the few things that can truly have an impact, hence, these are often remembered the most. Don’t ignore or belittle the things that you do for your partner. It may be nothing for you but it could be very important for him/her. So when you do things for your partner, whether it’s requested or your own initiative, do it with love.

6. Differences add value  My wife and I have a couple of things in common. However, we have more differences than our fingers can count. And as each love textbook would say, couples just need to understand and accept each other’s differences. It is through this that the couple can complement one another where each of their weakness will be their source of strength.

7. Support system – Each of you goes through different predicaments at work, home or just about anywhere else you two are involved. To relieve each other’s miseries, you should, as much as possible, be always ready to listen to your partner’s rants or complains. You don’t need to give an advice unless he/she asks to. What really matters is that you’re able to lend your ears.