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It is finished

Last Good Friday, I had the privilege of delivering the reflection for one of the seven last words. It was my first time to not only speak in a said occasion but also to stand and speak in our local parish. The church organizers provided copies of reflections that we are going to read but we may also deliver our own reflection. However, I didn’t have the luxury of writing my own reflection because it is supposed to be delivered in the Cebuano dialect and I’m not confident with my skills with it. Hence, I just used the reflection given to us.

It was challenging to deliver because of the difficulty in pronouncing some words and I’m not used to reading a speech especially if it’s a reflection. I prefer memorizing a speech so that I can focus on dynamics, actions and eye contact, in other words, the delivery is my priority. Nonetheless, I practiced a few times and ensure that I deliver it as natural as possible without sounding like I’m just reading it.

I delivered the 6th word, “It is finished.” It was helpful that the reflection was something all people can relate to as I didn’t have to struggle on how to emphasize the points. During the delivery, I was adjusting the mic stand as I was saying the first few words. It looked awful but at least I didn’t stutter while I was doing it. I felt like my delivery was smooth though I don’t think that I delivered it the way I imagined it to be. Surprisingly, when all of us were in the car and I was just starting the engine, Mama (my mother-in-law) said that I was so good with the speech. =)

Truly, even when you think that what you give to God isn’t good enough, it is still the best for Him and He will exemplify it so that other people may be inspired through it.