Easter 2012 and Myles’ 5th Birthday

My last vacation was so fun that my mind is playing the memories in an almost infinite loop. I just can’t describe how happy I am so I’ll just have these pictures do it for me.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the beach.

Myles and Janie - Beach Lovers!

Janie loving the beach the most. At home, she would randomly say "Daddy ligo tayo beach."

Ate Mylyn(Sis-in-law), Ira, Kuya Melvin(Bro-in-law), Janie, Ian, Myles and Me.

We had an overnight stay in Davao to celebrate Myles Birthday. We went to Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle Center and People’s Park on the 1st day. The following day we went to SM, where we had our first family studio pic (pictures to follow) and the kids playing at Zoofari (their favorite playground).

At the hotel. Janie teaching me how to wear eyeglasses, the right way.

Then the goofy way.

Mr. and Mrs. Bacus

Guinea pig watch

Horse watch. The horse was camera shy. Hehe.

Butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary

Melay and the kids.

Me and the kids at the swing

Looking at the revered Philippine Eagle named Pag-Asa

Looking at the rest of the birds.

The noisiest bird in the center.

Philippine Deer

Not sure if these monkeys are the food for the Philippine Eagles (previously called Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagles)

They're finally not scared of taking pictures with these statues.

Myles smiling. 2 years ago he wouldn't even dare go near these things. Now he climbs on them. Hehe.

Janie: Let's go!

Kids would really find these statues scary at first.

Myles blowing his first cake of the day. Janie tried to blow as well. Hehe.

At Zoofari.

Still swinging