About Nostalgia

If you ask me what my greatest asset would be, I won’t say my eyelashes though a lot of girls envy it. I won’t even say that it’s my talent for dancing nor would I say that it’s my fast learning abilities. I am simply proud of my memory. I can remember so many things with every detail that I know during the time that it happened. I can’t remember everything, of course, but just thinking about how detailed my memory can get from the time and date the events happened, the exact words that I said, the expression of the people I am with and even the manner of how those things happened is just freaking awesome.

And that’s the reason why I started this blog, to post every event that I randomly remember. I’m not hoping to write all of them but who knows. I might even get to write beyond the age of 60.

So why Nostalgia Express? There are two reasons for this. First, other titles that I wanted like Mnemosyne (courtesy of Tweety) is already taken at the time I created this blog so I settled for nostalgia though I’m not intentionally longing for the past but my memory seems to disagree. I added Express because I can recall those past events so quickly.

Okay enough of the chit-chat. Hope you’ll enjoy the posts that I have here and learn something from them, hopefully.

– Ryozen (Ryoma Echizen combined)

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