College Years, Wife

One November Years Ago

I can remember November as the month where I would visit my Father and other relatives at the memorial park. I’ve prayed there so many times that I felt it too familiar that I just wanted to have my father to appear and talk to me in my dreams.

There’s one November however that changed my impression of the month. On November of the year 2005, was the 4th Iligan City Computing Fair (ICCF). For the first and last time, I was competing in that fair but unlike in 2004, when I joined the programming competition, I was joining the Cisco networking challenge together with my wife. It was the first time that contest was held in the annual computing fair.

The contest is consisted of two rounds: computer-based exam and hands-on activity. Only the top two teams in the computer-based exam round can proceed to the hands-on activity round. In the computer-based exam, my wife and I were able to garner the top spot through our combined points (I think I got over 400 points out of 800). With that, we get to go to the next round. The main challenge is to setup a network based on the scenario provided to us. It involves calculation of the subnets, preparing the LAN cables (which includes crimping, making cross and straight through cables), setting up the routers and switches up in the network racks (if that’s what you call them) and lastly configuring the networks, IP addresses of the various interfaces and some other networking configuration. My wife did the preparation of the LAN cables and the subnet calculation while I did the hardware setup and networking configuration.

It was one close fight against Philippine Science High School of Lanao (not sure if it’s Lanao but I do know it’s a Philippine Science High School). We feel the pressure is more on us since we’re already college students competing against high school students. I think the deciding factor of it all is the correctness of the subnet calculation. My wife had a more accurate calculation even though we weren’t able to get the correct subnets that’s why we got the win. Kudos to my wife! Now that’s what I call teamwork. I did my part in the 1st round while she made the winning move in the 2nd. =)

College Years, Wife

Don’t Underestimate First Impressions

I can still remember my first impression of my wife when I met her way back during our college orientation. It was the summer of 2002. When I saw her, I immediately introduced myself to her and the first thing that came in my mind was, “naku, baka magkagusto ako sa kanya.” 1 year and 3 months after, she became my girlfriend and we were best friends before that happened. 4 years later we got married in her hometown in Kidapawan.

Looking back, my first impression of her is one of those hunches or instincts that I know deep inside will likely happen but I try to ignore not because I don’t want it to happen but because it’s just too good to be true most of the time. What makes me say this is because when I saw her, time stood still and she really took my breath away. That’s why it pushed me to introduce myself and know her name even though I’m not that really sociable. It’s a good thing that I did it.

College Years, Wife

When You’re Too Persistent, Bad Things Can Happen

Back in college, when my girlfriend (who’s now my wife) and I have fights, she can really ignore me as if I don’t exist. There was this one time that she was really mad and we were on our way home. She was walking so fast and though I can walk way faster than her I don’t want too because she might stop or take another route. I was making “lambing” and kept on saying sorry from the moment we got out of the school gate.

And since I’m not walking my usual pace, it really put me in a disadvantage. We were crossing the street and I was a few feet behind her. She didn’t notice that there was a jeepney speeding up a couple of meters from our way so she just breezed through the street. And me? I almost got hit. I could even say I barely got away if I didn’t take a small hop in my last step. I only realized how lucky I was when I got home and really swore that I’ll never do that again. What’s worst, she didn’t hear me out until the following day, when she finally forgave me.

Lesson learned on that day: don’t ever have fights on the way home. Do it when both of you are stationary.