Rest in Peace Nanay

I’m still in shock with Nanay’s death. I can’t stop crying whenever I remember all the memories I have with her.

– I was turning 4 or 5 years old then. Me and Nanay went to Quiapo to buy a couple of things. A bike, blanket, some Jollibee Kiddie meal toys and a bunch of other stuffs. I can’t imagine how Nanay was able to carry everything when she already has me to attend to and we were still living in Novaliches back then.

– I remember Nanay getting into a verbal fight with our neighbor at the same house in Novaliches. She was quite aggressive and knows what she wants.

– Nanay would sometimes comb my hair when I was Kinder 1 and Grade 1. It was so painful that I have to stop her or run away from her. She’s the reason why my one-side hairstyle came to be. The amount of gel she puts on my hair would be good for 3-4 guys. LOL!

– Tita Gina and Uncle John bought a land in Mati, Davao Oriental and had a house built there. While it was still being constructed, they lived in the same compound with us in Digos and Nanay was with them as well. Their unit is near the gate. Nanay would sweep the leaves every morning and whenever I pass by on my way to school, she’d give me Php20. Good old days.

– When I graduated in elementary, Nanay gave me a handkerchief as a gift seeing that I always have a handkerchief in my pocket. It’s the one that I love to use the most ever since. It is now faded but I’m still using it.

– Nanay loves to call us her grandchildren various names. Mine’s Momel and Joemella.

– When my cousins and I were still young, she was our protector whenever our mothers would scold us.

– When any of her grandchildren gets a bump on the head, everyone would scram for a one peso coin because she’ll use it to magically remove or reduce the bump’s size. Hahaha!

– Me and my cousins are just so fond of her. We’re always delighted when she’s around.



Nanay is my grandmother from my mother’s side. I have a lot of memories with her. From the very simple things as combing my hair so hard that it hurts when I was in kinder 1 and to the most memorable ones like attending my elementary graduation.

What I love in remembering the most is when she and I went to Quiapo before my 4th birthday. We shopped for various things and most of them are for me. I can remember the blue blanket, which is my favorite up to now, the small bicycle and some small toys that resemble hamburgers and other stuffs in a fast food. It always makes me wonder in awe how she was able to manage bring all that as well as handling a hyperactive grandson. But it’s nothing compared to the struggles she had when my Lolo died and she had to take care of their 5 children.

Whenever I’m feeling low in strength, I like to recall that experience and all that she has been through because my Nanay showed me that strength doesn’t deplete with age. It grows stronger the older you get as long as you keep moving forward.