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Injury-attracting Finger

14 years ago my left index finger was injured during a 1-on-1 basketball game. It was stepped on by my opponent, got hit by the ball and directly hit the pavement all at the same time. It got crooked and I immediately pulled it. A few years back before that it also got injured by having the fingernail hit by the bathroom door.

Last Friday, it got injured again. This time it was through the most stupid thing one can ever imagine. I was getting out of the cab and was holding my bags then I closed the door. I realized that I can’t seem to move my hand thinking that it was my bag that got stuck. I was so wrong and to my horror it was my finger! I want to blame it on moving too fast, doing too many things at the same time or coordination problems of my left and right hands, but no. It was all on me. I can’t believe such a thing was possible until it happened to me. I don’t want to describe how painful or how it looks like right now but I’m pretty sure it’s a big lesson for me.