School, Work

Being Tired

When I was still at school, I enjoyed being tired from studying and other school work. I feel so alive after finishing up my tasks and I can easily get pumped up the next day for a new set of things to do.

It’s quite different right now. I still enjoy being busy but with a detrimental effect with my rest time. Actually, it’s just because of one thing that is really the problem – our daily scrum meeting at 10:45pm. I would force myself to sleep at 7-8pm, after finishing up my part-time work, wake up at 10:40pm, sleep after the meeting around 11pm then wake up at 2am to prepare for work. Whewww!

I enjoy each completed task in my part-time and full-time work but I need to work something out in my schedule to get more rest. This doesn’t even include days when I play basketball.

Hopefully, I can do something out of this tight schedule. I can probably speed up my part-time work so I can finish early. It depends on the task but it’s a possibility. How I wish I can just request for the meeting schedule to be changed but there are two reasons that I can’t. One, I’m the only non-American member of the team and two, it’s most likely the only schedule that will work for everybody there.

High School Years


October 2001. Our librarian went to our classroom and asked who would like to take a test to know if they can go to a seminary. Since I love ad hoc tests and I know it wouldn’t affect my grades, I raised my hand.

The exam involved cognitive, mathematical and abstract reasoning tests, which are the requirements needed to become a priest. I passed the test. Did I just take it because I want to test my ability? Definitely not. When our librarian asked the question, my mind focused on the word “seminary”. During my four years in high school, I became religious and somehow closer to God. I’d always go inside the church first to attend mass or pray before going to school. I also started reading the daily scriptures being read during the mass. Whenever we have prayer meetings, I’d always try to share my thoughts as if I’m delivering a homily. All of these made me happy. Happiness that’s different than anything I’ve felt before. A feeling  of warmth and lightness coupled with a clear mind and vision. Thus, I thought and felt that somehow priesthood was my calling.

After the test, the passers were invited to a search-in workshop a few days later. During the workshop, we were given another set of tests. It only focused on abstract reasoning. An interview with a priest followed. The big question was thrown. “Do you want to go to our seminary and take up priesthood?” My answer was a no. I said that I wanted to take up a four-year course first and then I’ll decide if I’ll pursue priesthood. Of course with that answer I wasn’t invited anymore to the succeeding activities towards the entry to the seminary.

I thought I knew that I wanted it but I realized I wasn’t a 100% sure about it. It was a coincidence that the congregation, OMI (Oblates of Mary Immaculate) was related to the church celebration that my birthday fell on. That also added a reason why I thought it was for me. I didn’t regret that decision because I believe that God was guiding me at the moment I made that decision.

Looking at the pictures of my wife and kids made me realize that God indeed had something in store for me. =)


Elementary Years

January of 1997 and 1998

January reminds me of Sinulog Sto. Niño Festival. When I was a band (drum & lyre) member in elementary, we would join the parade and the band contest which were held during this time of the year. The first time I attended was during the 5th grade. At that time I was already playing the bass drum (though the bass drum looks bigger than me).  It was fun and really tiring, but it was really fun. Aside from the Sinulog song, we also played other songs in the contest like the theme song of the telenovela Maria Mercedes.

Though we only manage to win 1st runner-up twice in a row (1997 and 1998), it was still something we are proud to have achieved, especially for a band that only has a few members. But what’s important is that we had fun. Good times. =)

High School Years, Work

Just Like High School

November 2011 is proving to be a busy month. Dance practices left and right (I don’t even know how I’m gonna manage this one), mixed the dance music for the contest, video editing (which will be done in 2 days) and then the usual part-time jobs. It’s a good thing that we’re just doing bug-fixing in our current work schedule. This reminds me of my high school days. Club meetings, Talumpati contest, Sabayang Pagbigkas practice, 1st reader for the Wednesday mass, school paper writer, etc. I loved it back then even when I still had to do assignments and projects when I get home. Right now, I’d prefer quality over quantity on my extra-curricular work. Good thing I was removed as one of the hosts for the year-end party this year.

I wonder if my kids will be as “bibo” as their Daddy.

High School Years, Life


I got drowned once in the last 25 years of my life. It was during the summer vacation after my junior year in high school while we were having our CAT officers training. Actually, we just decided to go the beach after our morning jog.

The beach has a port nearby so the guys decided to jump off near the farthest edge and I joined as well. I can swim but I’m not that really experienced and I don’t even know how to tread that’s why I was hesitant but jumped anyway. When I reached the surface after jumping, I couldn’t swim anymore and I was grasping to breathe. Fortunately, my schoolmate was able to rescue me.

What did I learn from that experience? Never do anything you’re hesitant to do in the first place. You need at least one small bit of confidence before doing anything.

High School Years


How I miss my emcee days in high school. There was never a year that I didn’t host a program in our school. I think it was by being an emcee that my public speaking skills were improved the most. The thrill of making an ad lib and the excitement with panic of knowing how to speak in a manner that would captivate the attention of the audience are just so priceless and memorable.

What I love hosting the most is the Search for Mr. & Ms. Healthy Kindergarten. The kids are just so adorable especially during the Q&A portion, even when I just secretly give them some answers to the question when they’re not speaking for 5 seconds. Hehe.

Friends, High School Years

Feast Day

It was 8th of September year 2000. Our 3rd year class had its feast day on that because our section’s name is Nativity (Nativity or birth of Mary). It was also on that day that Digos has been declared as a city effective that date. Hence, there were no classes so we’re the only who were in school at that day.

It was one of my most memorable times in high school. I can still remember how we prepared food and arranged our classroom. The most memorable part of that day is when we played “agawan base” (steal the homebase) game at the open grounds of our school. Our class adviser joined us and even played with barefoot. It was so fun! I have never enjoyed a game like that during my elementary years. What made it more fun was the fact that we are free to do anything at that time.

One thing I learned when playing is to not rush into things and always have a strategy mixed with a little bit of spontaneity. And even if you are overpowered, always try to make short, simple goals one step at a time.

I can’t remember who won though, but it really doesn’t matter because the memory of how happy we were on that day will never be forgotten.

Elementary Years, High School Years

Class President

I’ve been an active in taking leadership roles back in elementary and high school. I was the class president from grades 5-6 and 1st year to 3rd year high school. I was the vice-president during my senior year because I was already the battalion commander of our CAT class.

How was my performance as a leader? Definitely, I’m not good at it. I have the passion and eagerness to execute actions but I was never really good at being the class president. I know it’s my weakness back then that’s why I tried my best to improve. I think I’m better at being the second fiddle. One who can assist a leader. For by being the second fiddle, I can assure to myself that I really know what I’m doing.