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Back to Normal Working Hours

After 5 years, I’m finally back to working 8 hours a day. However, it may only be for a couple of days or weeks. I decided to leave the  company here in Davao before its closing date on Aug. 15. I don’t know the exact reason why I wanted to leave early. Maybe because I feel so bad about the company’s decision to close our office that I don’t want to be there on its last day.

I still have the other job (home-based) that I am involved with so nothing really much to fret about. I am currently looking for a new job but so far I only have 2-3 that are most likely to give me an offer. I was able to pass one company’s application process (and was about to be given an offer) a couple of weeks back, but it turns out that they cannot hire me in the next 2 months as their .Net resources are already full.

As I wait for the new job, I’ll spend this time learning the following things:

  • ASP.Net MVC 5
  • Web API
  • jQuery
  • Design Patterns
  • Ninject
  • NUnit
  • ASP.Net Identity
  • Odata in ASP.Net

I’m not sure how much of these will be completed but hopefully I can get a good grasp of knowledge in each of them.

Best of all these, I get to sleep at least 7 hours a day again (for now). ^_^