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When Struggles Pay Off

This was the post that I was supposed to publish last week.


Just a week ago, I had internal struggles. Now, I’m inspired more than ever. What I’m referring here is about the dance number that we’ll be performing for the company’s summer outing. I barely had any choreography just a week ago. In fact, I was already planning to back out of the number. The only thing that kept me going was that there were no other dance numbers during the night program and seeing that there were interested people who attended the 1st practice.

It wasn’t like me to give up or even get tired of dancing. It’s the number one on the list when I would describe myself. Probably, I just got tired of waiting for the time to be with my family since I just got back from home.


Now that the outing’s over, all I can say is that it was all worth it. Personally, I love the choreography that I did. It was the first time that it had a lot of original steps and it’s also the first time that I was able to put into steps what I have imagined though there were still some steps that were taken from the tons of videos that I’ve watched. I also heard from one of my fellow dancers that the people from her team loved it. ^_^ After all that’s what entertainment is about, to let people enjoy and love what you did, but in order to do that one must first seek to love his piece before others can love it.

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Easter 2012 and Myles’ 5th Birthday

My last vacation was so fun that my mind is playing the memories in an almost infinite loop. I just can’t describe how happy I am so I’ll just have these pictures do it for me.

On Easter Sunday, we went to the beach.

Myles and Janie - Beach Lovers!
Janie loving the beach the most. At home, she would randomly say "Daddy ligo tayo beach."
Ate Mylyn(Sis-in-law), Ira, Kuya Melvin(Bro-in-law), Janie, Ian, Myles and Me.

We had an overnight stay in Davao to celebrate Myles Birthday. We went to Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle Center and People’s Park on the 1st day. The following day we went to SM, where we had our first family studio pic (pictures to follow) and the kids playing at Zoofari (their favorite playground).

At the hotel. Janie teaching me how to wear eyeglasses, the right way.
Then the goofy way.
Mr. and Mrs. Bacus
Guinea pig watch
Horse watch. The horse was camera shy. Hehe.
Butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary
Melay and the kids.
Me and the kids at the swing
Looking at the revered Philippine Eagle named Pag-Asa
Looking at the rest of the birds.
The noisiest bird in the center.
Philippine Deer
Not sure if these monkeys are the food for the Philippine Eagles (previously called Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagles)
They're finally not scared of taking pictures with these statues.
Myles smiling. 2 years ago he wouldn't even dare go near these things. Now he climbs on them. Hehe.
Janie: Let's go!
Kids would really find these statues scary at first.
Myles blowing his first cake of the day. Janie tried to blow as well. Hehe.
At Zoofari.
Still swinging
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I’m so excited to go home that I already want to pack my things up, but I can’t because 1) My clothes would get too wrinkled by the time I get home; 2) I still have some clothes from the laundry shop that I’ll be bringing. I think the reason why I’m so excited is because I can talk more sensible things to my kids than before.

And another reason is that for my first day there, I’ll be watching over them alone. My wife will be going out with her dormmates and my mom will be staying in Davao for a week. It’s the first time for me to be alone with them and I’m looking forward to a lot of things that we’ll be doing. This includes, but not limited to, playing the lego blocks, clay, drawing, coloring and then the puzzles. I can’t wait to see Jan2x play the 49-piece puzzle that Chubbs gave (thanks Chubbs!). If she can solve it, I’ll probably buy her a 100-piece puzzle during the year. Then who knows by the age of 7 or 8 she can already solve a 1000-piece one. Lol.

I went to divisoria today to buy for some clothes for my wife and kids. I just hope everything I bought would fit them. Especially those for Myles because he has a big head. We often have a hard time when he changes his clothes.