Drummer Boy

First Drum

1995. The year that I got my first snare drum. It was bought by my late father. I can still remember the night when he came home. Excitement is not enough to describe what I felt while waiting for him. I was happy he finally agreed on letting me join the drum & lyre band of my school.

I can say that it was thanks to my Dad that I was able to learn how to play a drum. People who know me would say I would dance or move like I’m dancing anywhere I am, be it in an elevator or hallway, but even before I got into that habit, I had the drumming habit first. I would play drum beats on any surface with the use of my hands or spoon and fork, pen, pencil or just about anything that I can hold. Thanks to my Dad I finally was able to play on a real drum.

I hope someday I can get to play the drums again even at home.


Birthday 2011

Started my day (12mn) browsing damnyouautocorrect.com. It was a good idea ‘coz I got to laugh before I slept. Then I woke up at around 5:30am to prepare for church. Good thing the mass started at a couple of minutes before 7am because I was running a bit late (based on my standards, I can be patient with others, but not with myself. :)) After the mass, I went straight to the office to attend our 9am call.

Overall, I’m going to call this birthday 2011 as Choco Loco. =) That suits me well enough as I love chocolates. Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed (from Nhiza and Flo), Double Dutch, Super Chocolate Ice Cream and Mocha Cake (from Navi peeps) and Rocky Road ice cream (from Jared). Wow! Just wow! I never imagined this day would get this chocolatey. Hehe.

Thanks to all the people who made this day extra special. =)

Note to myself: Bactidol for this weekend’s grocery.



Most Memorable Birthday

My most memorable birthday is yet to happen. Yep, I can pinpoint several birthdays from the past, but I know the most memorable is yet to come. That birthday would be celebrating it with my family. Since I got married, I haven’t celebrated that day with them. Hopefully, next year would be the first. =)

That would also mean that I haven’t taken a leave on my birthday since I started working. Lol.