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Buwan ng Wika

“Buwan ng Wika” was my favorite high school activity each school year. I got involved by winning two 2nd places in “Talumpati” (2nd year and 4th year), one 2nd place in “Sabayang Pagbigkas”, which I mentored, and several other contests. I’ve also been an emcee twice (1st year and 3rd year).

Now that my children are in school, I also got to enjoy this same school event. My daughter won 1st place in “Tula,” which both my wife and I were involved during her practices. I won 1st place in the song contest where I sang a Cebuano song.

I can’t wait for next school year’s “Buwan ng Wika.”

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Memorable Conversations of 2011 Christmas Vacation

Here are some memorable conversations during my 2011 Christmas vacation.

While I was teaching Myles on how to write his name.
Me: Dili ingon ana (Hindi ganyan). Ingon ani (Ganito). (It’s not like that. It should be this way)
Myles: Taasa oi (Ang haba naman). (It’s so long). (I wonder who’s to blame =p).

While I was eating chocolate then Jani sit on my lap.
Jani: Unsa imo eat Daddy? (What are you eating Daddy?)
Me: Pan (tinapay). (Bread)
Jani came closer smelling my lips.
Jani: Di man na pan (Hindi yan tinapay). Chocolate man ang smell (amoy chocolate). (The smell is chocolate)
(Oooops. Hahaha!)

Myles playing Need for Speed on my laptop.
Myles: Daddy guba na ang car, lahi na pud. (Daddy the car’s damaged. I want a different one).  (LOL!)

Me and my wife.
Me: ‘Di ba sabi mo sa akin noon sabihan kita kapag nag-cheat ako? (Remember that you told me that if I ever cheat I will tell you about it?)
Melay: Oo. (Yes)
Me: Well… (made a 3-second pause) Wala. (None!)
(She slapped my arms so hard it felt like I was punched with a dumbbell. Hehe. She said she almost had a heart attack.)

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My Wife Showing Her Motherly Love

This one just recently happened.

Me, my wife and the kids were in SM City Davao at that time. My wife’s holding the hand of Myles while we were walking and he was whispering “bumbum” which is what he names a car.Before that day, my wife told me to remind her that she won’t be buying Myles anymore because he just destroys them or throw them at people especially Jan2x. But that moment, like every mother, she gave in to our son’s request and off we go to the toy section of SM department store. We didn’t go to Toy Kingdom because it would be harder to get our son out of there.