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The Martian

During the Christmas break of my sophomore year in college, I finished all the short stories and novels on Sherlock Holmes. I think I finished the 1500+ pages in 5 days. Today, I finished The Martian, which I just started yesterday late afternoon. I think this was the fastest time I’ve finished a 350+ paged book. I wouldn’t have known about The Martian if I didn’t read that article about the 21 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen In 2015. The Martian is only one of the two books (the other being The Mortdecai Trilogy) that caught my attention. I thought it was just another space mission survival stuff but I really liked how things turned out. The humor is good, sarcasm and profanities are endless, what more can I ask for?

After turning my tablet’s screen off, there’s one thing I know for sure. I miss reading real books.


2014 in Review

2014 was full of roller coaster rides. It’s definitely the saddest so far in years.


– My father-in-law died in a motorcycle accident. This is the reason why 2014 is the saddest year since 1995 (the year my father died). There are no words that can explain the grief that engulfed our family.

– A family problem that will probably go on for years. I have no idea when it will end. It’s too complicated. Well, the person is complicated.

– The company that I was working for closed our Davao office, leaving us all scrambling to find new jobs. Most of us are working home-based right now. I knew that it was coming but I never thought it was that soon. Some of us even looked forward to working there until they retire but I had a feeling it wouldn’t last that long.

– Major, major bumps in the last project. I was the last developer standing when the project was over

– I resigned before the company’s closing date expecting an offer from a new company. Turns out they can’t hire me yet until 2 months after


– Before the company closed, I was appointed as the manager of the Davao office. It was only for 3 months but it was memorable. It was a struggle to keep the team afloat after we got the bad news

– Got a job within 5 days of rapid searching

– Got a raise in just 3 months of working with the new job

– I have finally moved on from being a .Net Windows application developer to a .Net web developer

– Fireworks again! Woohoo! Lol!

– Most of all, I was finally able to be with my family since I’m now working home-based =)

– Got a new insurance

– Finished some books (The Ringmaster’s Daughter, Gone Girl, The Solitaire Mystery, Apprenticeship Patterns Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman and The Briefer History of Time)

I’m looking forward to a better 2015. I hope the downs are manageable compared last year.