Medical History

Poisoned – 1 year old (half of my body was paralyzed)

Bumps on the head – 1 year old

Acute Bronchitis – first occurrence during toddler years

Kidney problem – grade 6

Tonsillitis – grade 6

Astigmatism – 3rd year high school

Sinusitis – 2nd year college

The first one is definitely the worst in this list. I do hope that this list won’t be updated until I reach 60’s or 70’s.

Children, Joannie, Myles

A New Excitement

The month of May is about to end. A couple of years ago knowing this fact is such a pleasure for me because it only means one thing – classes are about to start. Now, the excitement is on my children’s start of school year! Myles will be on grade 1 while Jani will be on kinder 1. I’m looking forward to the days where my wife and I will help them with school work, listen to stories on what they did at school and watching them perform extra-curricular activities. Heck, if the four of us can get a chance to dance on stage together I will surely not back down. =)

I know that as they advance through each level it would just get more interesting. I’ll be curious on what subjects they would like or what courses they would  take (I know I’m getting way ahead of myself). Everything about their future is something far above and beyond of everything I have looked forward to. No matter what lies ahead  we will surely be there for them every step of the way.



The first book that I’ve read was Nightfall, a sci-fi book by Isaac Asimov, in 2nd year high school. It was one of the first books I’ve borrowed from Uncle John. It was my first choice because I was fascinated with the summary that says about a planet having six suns and thus having no night time. Imagine that! I was pretty hooked in reading ever since. Most of the books I read were detective/assassin genre by Jack Higgins. Then I also chanced upon Sidney Sheldon, Nicolas Sparks and CS Lewis’ works. I also read inspirational or self-help books by OG Mandino, Mitch Albom and a bunch of others as well.

My most memorable read was Sherlock Holmes during the Christmas break of 2nd year college. I had a good time reading it that I was able to finish 1, 400 pages in less than a week. I don’t think it was possible since I usually finish a 300-page book in 3 days at that time.

I hope I can get back to a reading groove again. I miss the feeling of being drawn to a new world, of relearning or learning new things and just setting a wandering mind off again.

Habits, Work

New Project

I’m now engaged in a new project, which without a doubt is the most challenging one I’ve ever had technically speaking. My brain is totally going nuts on how it’s going to be done. Add the fact that it’s a very important project that even our director has hands-on involvement. It’s because of this that I’ll have to be really strict with my sleeping time. Otherwise, I’ll just miss the fun out of this great opportunity.

This reminds me of my high school days. I greet each new assignment, tedious projects and cumbersome experiments with a smile. The main difference? I always get a good amount of sleep even if I wake up at 5am. It’s time to revive those days.