Playing Again

I just started playing an online game again this week. The game’s an MMORPG called Forsaken World. The last time I played an online game was in college while using dial-up connection. It was Gunbound, a platform shooting/aiming game similar to the concept of Worms. I decided to play again so I can have something to keep my mind off from work (both office and homebased). What urged me more is because of the 1/2 Prince manga where the story is about people playing a virtual MMORPG. I got hooked and so is my interest in playing an MMORPG.

Hopefully I can play it religiously at least 4 days a week. I definitely won’t be able to play it at home in Makilala. It took me a while to find an MMORPG that suits my taste so I better not miss more than a week of gaming.

School, Work

Being Tired

When I was still at school, I enjoyed being tired from studying and other school work. I feel so alive after finishing up my tasks and I can easily get pumped up the next day for a new set of things to do.

It’s quite different right now. I still enjoy being busy but with a detrimental effect with my rest time. Actually, it’s just because of one thing that is really the problem – our daily scrum meeting at 10:45pm. I would force myself to sleep at 7-8pm, after finishing up my part-time work, wake up at 10:40pm, sleep after the meeting around 11pm then wake up at 2am to prepare for work. Whewww!

I enjoy each completed task in my part-time and full-time work but I need to work something out in my schedule to get more rest. This doesn’t even include days when I play basketball.

Hopefully, I can do something out of this tight schedule. I can probably speed up my part-time work so I can finish early. It depends on the task but it’s a possibility. How I wish I can just request for the meeting schedule to be changed but there are two reasons that I can’t. One, I’m the only non-American member of the team and two, it’s most likely the only schedule that will work for everybody there.