Four Years of Working

I always have this notion that in every four years there’s something big, whether good or bad, that will happen. Just to give a few examples, during my 4th grade in elementary my father died, I graduated high school and college in 4 years each. And now I have also reached another 4 years after college graduation.

Before I go into narrating my 4 year anniversary of working 2 months ago, I’d like to recall what happened 4 years ago.

I can remember the first few days in my first job. I was full of enthusiasm and excitement. I didn’t know where I was heading nor do I know what I want back then. I was just fresh from college and just wanted to start earning.

That first year didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. It got better from years 2-4 but I figured out during the 2nd quarter of this year that I am really yearning for something else because my energy is starting to be drained without any sense of happiness. And this isn’t good especially for someone like me who already has a family to support.

Then came July this year and I’m working in a new company that offers just what I wanted. So after 4 years, I was able to work in 2 companies. I hope this is the beginning of good things to come because I’m not really comfortable at this kind of pace.



I once had this theory in high school and college that I only get sick once every two years. And when I say sick, is a sickness that will really force me to miss school. In high school, I was only absent for 3 consecutive days because of astigmatism. In college, I never had an absent but there will still 1-2 times that I had fever. Overall, I still think that I’m healthy back then.

If you ask me now, I’m not really sure. I think I’m fit enough since I’m still athletic but my feet can easily wear out from walking. I can still walk for hours but they would hurt like hell afterwards during the night. I love fruits and would eat them for dinner if there are plenty of them. And I rarely drink softdrinks. I don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol regularly (the last time I drank was December 2009).

I do wish that I can still dance when I get old. Now that’s a real sign if I really lived a healthy lifestyle. Hehe.