The Visa Interview

I just had my first ever visa interview last week. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. I may have only scared myself but it’s still not something I would take lightly if given another opportunity. I was pretty confident with my answers and what made it all easier than I expected is the consul that interviewed me.

Before the interview, I just playfully thought that if I get to window 8 then I’d be so lucky and would get a visa. By God’s grace sure enough I find my self stunned when the queueing board lighted up, no. 2233 at window 8.

I walked to the window and lined up. The person prior to me was approved. That somehow removed some of the tension I felt. Then it was my turn. She greeted me first, which was not my plan because it should be me doing that before her. She asked me about the basic personal info. Asked me what Certiport does, what my previous job was and why I left Accenture. And that’s it. She said I was approved and I find myself wanting for more questions that’s why I had a delayed response.

Before that day, I told God I’ll accept and be thankful of the result. Besides, it was already a blessing to be able to see my friends for a short time and for free too. God is good indeed.


Rough Winds

One of life’s greatest fulfillments is being able to do the things you love. This doesn’t mean that it will all be smooth sailing. In fact, it is quite the opposite. There’s no easy job or business. Everything has its own flavor of difficulty presented in different forms. You can find things that you dislike about it. And at the back of your mind, you wonder why you even love it in the first place.

Passionate things we do are tough. Love makes us go through with it as if all the hardships are nothing, but what makes us really more passionate about it is when we feel exhausted, feel the pain of failures and confusion yet the thought of giving up doesn’t cross our minds. Those who claim not to feel these at least once are not really giving their all for difficulty is the equal and opposite reaction of hardwork.

As true people who work hard for their endeavors, we long for the end of the day just to have renewed strength to face it again tomorrow. A never-ending cycle but one that our worklife is all about. To find what you love and work to your heart’s desires.