Brain Overload

My brain’s starting to feel the overload for thinking too much of creative ideas for the dance and the video. If only my brain can handle much pressure and more. And too bad the badminton today was cut short because of the electricity blackout.¬†¬†Hopefully, things will turn out alright in all these.




High School Years, Sick

Fatigue, Astigmatism, Hallucination

When I was still in school, I always make sure that I maintain high grades or high enough based on my standards. So when I get lower grades in a subject for one grading I always bounce back and get a higher grade in the next grading.

It isn’t as simple as it seemed. When I was in junior year of high school, my grade in English lowered by 3 points. I was devastated. Due to my frustration, I studied so hard in all of my subjects especially in English from 6pm-11pm then wake up at 3am to study again. I didn’t eat much during recess in school and so after a couple of days, I got sick. I had fever and a very terrible headache. In fact, it’s my first time to experience a headache. I can’t focus on what I’m doing. I feel nauseous from time to time and I feel dizzy while walking.

I visited the doctor and recommended us to visit an ophthalmologist. Result, I have an astigmatism. The doctor had me wear eyeglasses (my 1st one). After a few days my brain stabilize to some degree but before I got any better, I experience some short moments of hallucination. I sometimes feel itchy or see ants in my bed (it’s quite impossible to have ants since my mom just cleaned my bed and she’s such a clean-freak). And there were other moments that felt too dreamy.

What I learned from my super extra efforts? That I should never stretch myself too much unless I’m also taking care of myself at the same time. After what happened, I realized I needed to be more balanced. And so is my new philosophy, if I want to stay up late and work/study harder, I need to eat and eat and eat. =)



I am posting this experience in relevance to my daughter who is having dengue fever right now =(. I hope she’ll recover soon.

I had an H-fever back when I was in grade 1. It was awful. I was weak and couldn’t move my arms and legs normally. Every part of my body is in pain. I was absent for a few days (3 days I believe). Good thing my mom is there to take care of me. That’s why I know my daughter will recover well because she’s being taken care of by her mother =).