College Years, Wife

When You’re Too Persistent, Bad Things Can Happen

Back in college, when my girlfriend (who’s now my wife) and I have fights, she can really ignore me as if I don’t exist. There was this one time that she was really mad and we were on our way home. She was walking so fast and though I can walk way faster than her I don’t want too because she might stop or take another route. I was making “lambing” and kept on saying sorry from the moment we got out of the school gate.

And since I’m not walking my usual pace, it really put me in a disadvantage. We were crossing the street and I was a few feet behind her. She didn’t notice that there was a jeepney speeding up a couple of meters from our way so she just breezed through the street. And me? I almost got hit. I could even say I barely got away if I didn’t take a small hop in my last step. I only realized how lucky I was when I got home and really swore that I’ll never do that again. What’s worst, she didn’t hear me out until the following day, when she finally forgave me.

Lesson learned on that day: don’t ever have fights on the way home. Do it when both of you are stationary.