Biking, Dogs, Elementary Years

Almost-Bitten-by-Dog Experiences

I always have an attachment to dogs, well, not only dogs but pets or animals in general. I always feel pity to those animals that get hurt or abused by people.

Now going back to dogs. There have been several times that I had almost get bitten by a dog.

During grade 6, me and my two classmates, Leojim and Ralph, were on our way to our house to have lunch. We would always pass by a house where there are three dogs, who would bark at us and we sometimes tease. Once, the gate of the house was open and immediately after we passed by, hoping to not get noticed, the dogs ran toward us. We ran but Me and Leojim fell down while Ralph was able to get away for a few meters. One dog was staring down at us while the other is facing Ralph. Good thing is that the dogs’ owner was there to calm them down and call them back to the house. After that incident, we never teased those dogs again.

There was also an incident during my early days in Digos City. In grade 3,  I started getting fond of going to a video game house near our home. On the way there I would pass by a house, which is situated five houses from us and had these many dogs. There are maybe more than five of them. They’re the only reason why I can’t go play video games on Saturdays. There’s one unlucky time when I was on my way home from the video game house. I noticed that the dogs were sitting outside the gate and so to get unnoticed I turned right on a street to have more distance away from them before crossing. That didn’t prove useful because one of the dogs ran towards me. Fortunately, the owner was there and he called the dog.  It really scared the hell out me.

But, that’s not the scariest experience though.

It happened in high school. I was on my way home from a drama practice in my classmate’s house. I was riding my bicycle and I was cruising a street where there are a lot of dogs. For that reason, I increased my speed and I was delighted to see that there were no dogs in sight at all, well, me and my big mouth. I sensed something from behind that sounds briskly running. To my surprise and terror, a big dog was running after or more precisely, it’s running with me. I pushed the pedals so fast then raised my left foot to avoid from getting bitten. I maintained my top speed until he stopped following me. I can’t believe that dog chased me at an approximate distance between 200-300 meters.

Even to this day I have not been bitten by a dog and I wish and pray to keep it that way.