Nanay is my grandmother from my mother’s side. I have a lot of memories with her. From the very simple things as combing my hair so hard that it hurts when I was in kinder 1 and to the most memorable ones like attending my elementary graduation.

What I love in remembering the most is when she and I went to Quiapo before my 4th birthday. We shopped for various things and most of them are for me. I can remember the blue blanket, which is my favorite up to now, the small bicycle and some small toys that resemble hamburgers and other stuffs in a fast food. It always makes me wonder in awe how she was able to manage bring all that as well as handling a hyperactive grandson. But it’s nothing compared to the struggles she had when my Lolo died and she had to take care of their 5 children.

Whenever I’m feeling low in strength, I like to recall that experience and all that she has been through because my Nanay showed me that strength doesn’t deplete with age. It grows stronger the older you get as long as you keep moving forward.


Corregidor Friends

July 21, 2012 will always have a special place in my heart and my neurons. Me and my friends were supposed to have a trip to Corregidor. It got cancelled because of the very rough weather conditions. However, the reason why it is special is because we proved that friendship is more powerful than all of the storms combined. We still had a great time and we redefined the meaning of the word fun.

Now, whenever I experience heavy rainfall I will be reminded that each storm in our lives can be overcome because of the people we call friends.

And so from this day forward I will call our bunch the Corregidor friends. ^_^



I love countdowns. I have a habit of taking note of countdowns of any particular event. Birthdays, graduation, championship games of any sport, certification of a release, Christmas, anniversaries, recess, travels, etc. It just naturally occurs to me and I like it when I get to be reminded (by myself) about upcoming events no matter how simple they are.

Countdowns are important in life. It provides one with a tool for making life’s events even more exciting. As the number of weeks turn into days and days into hours, one can’t help but dream of what’s in store for them on that very day. There’s one risk with countdowns. You need to balance out its effect on you. You can’t let too much excitement spoil yourself on that day as it sometimes does by bringing down your spirits because you’ve spent too much energy waiting. And in turn, it’s because of looking forward too much that you can be out of focus in your day to day activities. Quite dangerous if left ignored.

I still love countdowns no matter how much waiting really kills me. Right now, I’m counting down on one of the most significant events that will happen in my life. There is still a couple more things to be prepared, but I know everything will fall into place. It may be simple yet its importance is truly grand overall. It’s because of this event that I’ll be looking forward to spending my birthday this year, for the very first time, with my wife and kids since I got married.


Speech Titles

I’m planning to write the last 7 speeches, but I’m using this post to remind me of the titles.

Speech #4 – Let’s Dance

Speech #5 – How to Dance

Speech #6 – How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Speech #7 – The King’s Rightful Title

Speech #8 – Surprise!

Speech #9 – Girls’ Freedom

Speech #10 – The Greatest Success