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Memory Overkill

I remember my first PC with just 64MB of RAM. It was just enough to run Micorosft Word, CounterStrike, Starcraft: Brood War, Age of Empires II and a couple of encyclopedia applications like Britannica, Encarta and Grolier.

My next PC had 768MB of RAM. My first laptop had 1GB followed by a 4GB upgraded to 8GB. My curren laptop had 16GB and has now been upgraded to 32GB. I know 32GB is an overkill but it can’t be helped when SQL Server would spike the memory usage to 95% (roughly 15GB) when doing a search.

The other day while I was checking the latest specs of Asus gaming laptops, I saw one that can have a maximum of 64GB of memory. Now that’s really a super mega overkill. I can’t imagine what applications can use that much memory unless one opens 10 instances of VS 2015, 10 instances of SSMS and 50 tabs opened in Chrome all at the same time.