How we first met

It was the first day of college orientation of 2002. Finster building was still being finished at that time, the old chapel and covered court were still standing. I was feeling high with enthusiasm for I knew that a big part of my future lies in what I’ll be learning and achieving in college. Except for the discipline I learned, I’ve set aside my past school achievements, for no matter how colorful they were college is a different story where anything you can’t imagine can happen.

Having this in mind, I first prayed at the chapel for God’s blessings. Afterwards, I went straight to the covered court for the orientation. I looked for my section, which fortunately was located at the bleachers (I would have perspired a bucket if we were to stay at the chairs). I was the first one to arrive. I was excited to see my classmates. After a few minutes, I saw someone hundreds of feet away going towards our area. I can’t seem to put away my eyes from her even as she was blocked from my line of sight. And then she arrived. Thinking that I should be more sociable than ever, I took the courage to introduce myself to her. And up to now, that was the only time that I introduced myself first to somebody. I shook her hand and she greeted me with a smile that I can still vividly remember. Right then and there I felt something special. I just made a hunch as I usually do and the exact words are “shox, baka in love na ata ako sa kanya.”

And a year after that, my “prediction” came true. I fell for her completely then she became my girlfriend. 4 more years after, she became mine forever. ^_^



Almost a decade

Our 10 year anniversary is just around the corner. And for the first time I have no idea yet of what to do or what to give her on that day.  I can’t believe we’re already 10 years together. I hope I can think of something really good. And I should think fast.

Hobby, Software development

Web Development

I have always wanted to go back to doing web development in .Net. Windows application and web application/web site developments are very different in discipline. I feel that my software development skills won’t come full circle until I get to finish a website or say that I’ve created a website in MVC 4 using ASP.Net with jQuery or any other javascript library.

As the 1st half of the year turns its final pages, I’ll think of a personal website that I’ll develop with all the bells and whistles by year-end.