Dancing, Personality


I never had any childhood experience that triggered my competitiveness of today. I don’t have any siblings that I can compare my grades with and I didn’t get jealous even when my cousin I’m living with got 1st honor in kinder and grade 1. It probably started after moving to Digos when I was in grade 3. I have an inconsistent record since kinder I but grade 3 was different. I discovered how strong my memory and association skills are. Getting the top of the class honor at that point made me become more aggressive with my studies. Never letting any single subject have grades lower than 90. That’s what preoccupied my mind back then, but now I realized being competitive is not something I did just to prove that I can do something and be the best among others. It’s something that motivates me to give my best especially when you get to the point that you know there are others way better than you. I love to compete because it’s fun.

If there’s one thing that I won’t compete with others, it would be with dancing. I dance not to impress or to show how good I am at dancing. I dance because I enjoy it. I love to make my body move. And most of all, I love to make people happy with it.