I love interviews. Being interviewed I mean. Well, I love to talk about anything especially when the topic is one of my interests. I think the very first interview that I had was with a guidance counselor back in college. That interview was part of the enrollment process for freshmen. It was a nice interview probably because of it being on a personal level. The interviews that followed were for a job application.

What I like about interviews is not the fact that I can express myself to others. As an only child, I rarely have good conversations even with my mom. What I meant good is equivalent to a free or open topic where I can talk about anything without being judged or criticized. That’s why during interviews I feel that I’m talking and listening to my inner self at the same time. Not just merely answering a question by an interviewer or expounding a solution to a problem. And at times I tend to realize something while doing it. That there are things that I felt which I ignored or just don’t plainly notice.

Interviews just make me excited because I’ll never know what I would eventually learn from my inner self.

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TV Pranks

I love reading the manual of appliances and gadgets ever since I was a kid. When I was 9 years old, I read the manual of our TV. It was only a 14″ Panasonic but lo and behold it has a auto-channel switch/timer feature where the TV will switch to the channel automatically on a given date and time set. It was really cool!

On Saturdays, my Dad would watch Magandang Gabi Bayan, which was pretty boring for me then. At the same timeslot, Sailormoon or Yaiba is showing in ABC 5. So I guess you know what I already did. While Dad was away at work, I set the timer to switch to Channel 5 when Sailormoon or Yaiba starts. To my Dad’s surprise upon turning on the TV and switching to ABS-CBN, it has switched to Channel 5 in just a few seconds. He was really shocked so he immediately switched back to Channel 2.

I wonder if he knew it was my own doing. Hehe.

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you’re reading this from heaven.


A Near-Death Experience While Biking

I was biking along Lapu-Lapu St. in Digos City. Since I’ll be turning left on the next block I planned to switch to the other side of the road in advance so I won’t get stuck waiting for traffic to subside in the crossing. I was looking behind to see if there’s a vehicle, especially a bus, is closed by. I didn’t notice that I have already started turning my bike and was already halfway in the next lane. All of a sudden I felt a speeding motorcycle passed by almost running over me. I was so scared and the driver even shouted and cursed at me for not being careful. I went on my way with my heart beating so fast and my sweat so cold.

It’s still one of the scariest experiences to date.



I have played a couple of sports ever since my body became athletic enough. I first started playing basketball in elementary. I practiced dribbling even when inside the house that’s why I was able to break my mom’s favorite vase then. Me and my classmates would meet up at 4am to jog and to play basketball. When high school came, I got into badminton. In college, I got hooked into football/soccer and volleyball in addition to basketball.

When I started working, I regularly played badminton on weekends and I believe I have improved in some ways. I got introduced to ultimate frisbee too thanks to Macha and Ian =). Overall, my favorite sport to play are basketball, badminton and ultimate frisbee. Favorite sport to watch would be soccer, basketball and badminton.


Sea Trips

During my childhood years, me and my mom would always take the ship when traveling to Manila and Davao. I would always look forward to the trip because I can do several things I don’t normally do at land. The first thing that I look for once we get on board is to look for the arcade section. Then I would tour the ship while familiarizing myself where this particular shop or place I like or just important is located. I enjoy the sea breeze. What I love most of all to do is to make friends with our fellow passengers. I once made friends with a group of college students I think and they helped us carry our things when we disembarked in Manila. I got to know them because I watched them playing their gameboy.

Hopefully in the future I can have those trips with my wife and kids.

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Valedictory Speech

I’m proud to have been chosen as the Valedictorian of our class in elementary and high school, but the feeling of receiving the award is not greater than the feeling and excitement when delivering the valedictory speech. It’s not because I want to show off my public speaking skills or to prove that I am worthy of being the valedictorian, but because of the message I want to say to my fellow graduates and to everyone in attendance. I want to make all of them happy by letting them realize about several things why such a momentous day is more than just celebrating the accomplishment of finishing 6 years or 4 years of studies.

My first valedictory speech was made by Uncle John, the husband of Tita Gina who is my mother’s sister. Uncle John is a British who worked as a microbiologist before. I delivered the speech beside the podium because I was too small then. Our graduation was held in a gym, which was jam-packed with parents and relatives of the graduates. I memorized and delivered the speech without a copy.

For my second valedictory speech, I made it on my own. It was longer than the first one but I still memorized and delivered it without looking at a copy, though I printed one and put it in a folder just in case I get a mental block. Our high school graduation was held in our town’s cathedral. To this date, that speech stands to be the best that I have delivered in my life.

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I’ll Always Be An Early Bird

People who have known me in school and at work know for a fact that I’m naturally an early bird. I’ve never been late at school, at work, even though we have flexible time at work I have always been early (too early even) and I have been early most of the time in appointments. In fact, my earliness caused me to attend the mass before going to school back in high school.

A couple of people asked me why I’m early. In school, I was early because I came to love attending mass when I started high school. In addition, I want to relax myself to prepare for the classes of the day and I don’t want to get myself sweating before the day has even started. I can easily perspire so the fresh air in the morning and the very few people in the surroundings are very much appreciated. At work, well I just carried on my habit from school to work and since it remains to be advantageous for me I’ll keep it this way.

It’s my mother who started training me to be an early bird. It began when I started going to school, kindergarten I specifically. She would wake me at 5am to take a bath and prepare for school. And 5am has always been my wake up time from elementary to college except in Grade 1 because all my classes were in the afternoon. I only wake up earlier than that when I have some homework to do or have to study for an exam. What was the secret for waking at 5am? Get to bed by 9pm the night before. As the years go by, Mama and I would have arguments at that sleeping time when I still have some school work to finish.

Now that I’m working, I wake up at 7:30am even though my shift is from 3pm-12am. I still have the same reasons as before, to be relaxed and to avoid too many people in public utility vehicles.

Whenever I remember those times in elementary and high school that I wait for a tricycle at 5:45am, I can feel the peace and solemnity of the morning that makes me feel good to start the day right.