Naruto was the first manga that I’ve read. I got to know about Naruto through the anime first before finding out the website that hosts the scanlated versions of its weekly chapter release. Ever since then I added more manga to my weekly reading list. I even read those that were already completed before I started reading them that I would do a manga marathon for days. Finishing hundreds of chapters in a day was nothing unusual especially when I tried to catch up with One Piece.

Naruto was special. It’s not the greatest nor the best of all time but it was special for me because of how the story unfolded and how the main character grew over the years at almost the the same time that my life has unfolded. When I started reading Naruto, the main character was nothing special as a ninja. I was a sophomore in college back then and I was just learning how to program in Java. By the time he became a descent ninja, I was already into my 2nd year working as a SAP consultant. Four years ago, I went back to .Net and Naruto was training to become a sage. Now, I’m here with my family in Kidapawan and Naruto ended with his dream fulfilled of becoming a Hokage (head ninja).

So much has happened over the past 12 years and even though Naruto has ended there are still a couple more that I’m following as I go through the rest of my life.

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