When Your Kids Get Sick

It’s not easy to get sick but I think the hardest part is seeing your children get sick. My wife and I have been through a lot last week that it felt like October already went by. Our son had to be admitted to the hospital for 6 days starting Saturday afternoon  (Oct. 5) while at the same time our daughter was having fever as well. I would watch over our son during daytime while my wife would take over at night. Apparently, my son would prefer my wife’s companionship while he’s sleeping =p. Our daughter recovered around Wednesday and her brother the following day. It was such a relief for both me and my wife. Missing work is needed and I wouldn’t even bother working unless I’ve run out of leaves. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate working anyway while my two kids are sick.

There were times that I felt so restless especially when our son’s fever would come back at night even if his temperature was normal during the day. It’s really true that when something is wrong with your children you’ll feel lost and just wish for those days when they turn your house upside down with their antics and fill it with loud noises that become music to your ears.


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