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Energy to The nth Level

My stepfather and I did a lot of things together ever since we met. We played video games from consoles like neo-geo, sega saturn, playstation 1, SNES, etc. We also biked and played basketball a lot and we do it to the extreme, but it’s more because of my request. We would play 1-on-1 in basketball by reaching scores from 1 to 50 or 1-100, both with only a 1-point score for each basket. I would request for us to bike several kilometers away from home that would let us bike not less than 4 hours. I have so much energy and stamina back then that I had no idea that it was pretty tiring.

Yesterday, I was playing badminton with my son. I’m happy to see him play enthusiastically and more so to my delight that we can have a rally good for 3 returns. Sometimes he would hit the shuttlecock too far or too high for me to reach, which is a great improvement from when we started playing a couple months back. We probably played for 3-4 hours and I think that’s too long for a 5-year old kid. He didn’t get to sleep that whole afternoon that’s why his eyes were already half-opened. I was the one who asked to stop playing to which he immediately objects. It’s not because I can’t play anymore (and I’m not being defensive =p), in fact, I still wanted to go on and teach him some proper strokes but I wanted him to take a rest.

I miss those days that I play with my stepfather but it’s a good thing that my son shares the same amount energy as I do for I can look forward for the days that we can play (and dance) together. I just need to stay healthy so I can keep up with him. =)


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